5 Uncommon Marketing Strategies That Will Elevate Your Brand

Every entrepreneur has their own way of introducing their brand. For the majority, they use common marketing strategies that are indeed effective and worth it. Some of these include social media marketing, internet marketing, email marketing, content marketing, paid media advertising, direct selling and the list goes on. It’s not a bad idea to try these common strategies since they are really powerful. However, if you want to level up your game and want to be a little more advanced, it’s the perfect time to introduce your business to these uncommon marketing strategies.

Uncommon Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Getting away with the norm has its advantages, especially if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a way to discover and learn. Consider trying these uncommon marketing strategies for your business.

Try creative marketing

You can challenge your brand by giving your identity a unique look that you can boast on your target audience. This would be possible in creative marketing, where you can plan for your visual and other content to the utmost creativity you want. You can even incorporate music to your brand and apply designs that appeal to your target audience. If you are not familiar with how to do it, you can team up with a creative agency that can help you throughout the process.

Open your business for referrals

In this type of marketing, you’ll seek help from your target audience to promote your brand. Your customers will refer your startup business to their friends and relatives so you could reach a wider audience. Also known as ‘referral marketing’, is anchored on the belief and power of personal recommendations.

Make use of viral marketing

Sometimes, creating appealing videos isn’t enough to catch attention. That’s why you need to take your audience’s attention to what you really do so you can be relevant for them. Viral marketing is putting your product or services on the spotlight by showcasing what you really can offer. You need to figure out what exactly your business can resolve and do for your customers. After that, you can launch an event that has the power to go viral and see what would be the results.

Launch a beta of your business

Beta is not a newly introduced idea and you might want to give it a try this time. For startups like you, you can open your business to new users by having an exclusive beta and you’ll see raving people who want to sign up first and dying to witness your offers. This tactic can make a sense of exclusivity about your brand, which users will love. If you want to promote your business easily, this is one of the ways you can consider to help elevate your brand.

Explore forums of your target audience

You can reach your target audience in various places like social media, but aside from that, you can also visit forums and reach people there. You can target the people on related forums by offering them a solution to their problems, and then promoting your product and showcasing how you can be of help.


Now that you have the rundown of uncommon marketing strategies that can elevate your brand, you might want to start immediately and try it one by one. By trying other tactics for your business, you can provide value to your audience and good promotion as well that can lead your business to success.


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