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Mobile Legends is an intricate MOBA game that has taken the gaming world by storm. With unique heroes available for you to pick from, you’ll be placed in an arena with five other opponents and five teammates trying to take down enemy bases as quickly as possible. With different strategies and drafts, the game has cemented itself as one of the best mobile games in the world.

However, if you have played MOBA games previously, you’ll quickly realize that mobile is not the best platform to get great at the game. As such, you can now play Mobile Legends on PC by downloading LDPlayer Emulator. It provides you with the best experience possible.

As mentioned earlier, Mobile Legends is all about strategy and teamwork. As soon as you get in the game, you have to draft a team with your teammates by picking specific heroes. While you have plenty of choices, you probably will be limited to a particular role. The reason why roles exist in the game is due to the spell kit of a hero being more favorable for occasions.

To further elaborate, there are different lanes present in the game. The middle lane, bottom lane, and top lane. Each of these lanes demands a particular hero, which is further divided into their role in the lane. As a general overview, there are a few integral roles in every game. The Support, The Tank, The Mid Laner, and the Hard Carry. Each of these can be picked depending on their role and lane. To form a complete team, you should have a draft that consists of all of these roles to be assigner to their particular lanes.

As soon as you have a team up and running, your next objective is to start farming. For the Mid Laner and Tank, this lasts for a short while the Support doesn’t get to the farm at all. On the other hand, the Carry will be spending more time farming than any other role in the game. Farming inherently the act of killing minions or creeps that spawn every 30 seconds on every lane and are mirrored for both sides. This means that the enemy team’s objective is to kill your creeps while your job is to kill creeps.

As you play the game, your job is to try and gain an advantage over the enemy team as both of your objectives. In the end, it is the teamwork, coordination, and general drafting sense that will truly set you both apart.

How To Play As A Team:

While it can a bit hectic to play as a team in Mobile Legends as it involves a lot of communication and instantaneous movements around the map, it can be done. To effectively grab the win, you can’t play the game as a solo player no matter your role. The game provides users with a few ways to make it easier to tell their team what they think they should do.

For example, you can take advantage of pinging; there are certain types of pings you can do on the map that help alert and inform your teammates. These vary from telling your team to push, defend, or warn them about an oncoming attack. Moreover, you can always use the voice chat feature present in the game to say whatever you wish to your team. If your team is receptive and one player makes good calls, it is very hard for you to lose, even if the team itself isn’t performing all that well.

Everyone clumps up together and performs strategic decisions on a larger scale than the enemy team almost always assures them the win unless and until the enemy team isn’t doing the same, which at lower ranks is highly unlikely.

Why Use LDPlayer To Play Mobile Legends?

LDPlayer is one of the top Android Emulators out there to play Mobile Legends due to the unique plethora of features to players that allow them to get ahead of the curve. If you are playing the game on mobile, you’ll quickly realize. That using your fingers to move around the map and click. On your hero isn’t the best control scheme out there.

As such, the Emulator offers keyboard remapping allowing you to use your mouse and keyboard to play the game just as you would in a normal MOBA game built on PC. Moreover, with the ability to change your screen resolution. You can expand the game to fit your screen’s native resolution with no performance hindrance. The Emulator runs for up to 240 FPS on both low and high-end systems with no trouble whatsoever.

Suppose you are into streaming games or content creation. In that case, you’ll be surprise to note that LDPlayer also has a video recording feature. That hardly takes any load on your system and lets you share clips of your gameplay on popular social media sites.

How to Download Mobile Legends:

 Downloading Mobile Legends is extremely simple and only requires LDPlayer on your computer.

  • Open your computer and install LDPlayer.
  • After you have the Emulator up and running, configure the Emulator
  • Now, open up LDStore and type in “Mobile Legends.”
  • After creating a Google account or signing up with your existing one. You should be able to play the game with no issues whatsoever

Do note that as soon as the game installs, you can take advantage of all the Emulator’s features.


Emulators are an excellent way to play Mobile Legends. Whether you are a professional player or looking to play the game more competitively. The advantage you get by playing on a larger screen is unsurmountable. So, if you are in the mood to play a MOBA with tons of strategy. And mechanics involved, then Mobile Legends is the way to go.

Plus, with the ability to record your gameplay and take screenshots. You’ll be having the time of your life and will be able to share it, too!

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