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Content curation is the process of meeting information relating to a particular topic or area of interest, usually to add value through the process of selecting, organizing, and maintaining the objects of interest. ‘a collection or an exhibition.  Services or people who curate content are called curators. Both businesses and end-users can use custody services.

This principle is based on the hypothesis that user ratings in the past are predictions of future ratings.

What is content curation, and how is it done?

Content curation or content curation in English is a form of digital marketing with enormous benefits and rewards. This type of marketing will help you attract leads, improve your company’s online presence, and make you more visible on social media. Sounds interesting. I am telling you everything you need to know about the contents of the curation.

Content curation or content creation?

Content curation is utterly different from content creation; While it may seem obvious, not everyone understands the difference. Content curation is not considered content marketing per se, even though it is an adjunct to it.

Do you understand? Content curation is essential in your content marketing plan because search engines and their algorithms discover and rate the most active brands that audiences interact with the most, which is reflected in the rankings. Please send them to your website.

The more you get involved, the more visible your business becomes. It is where content curation becomes your right hand, as you can stay up to date on trends and exciting topics in your niche without leaving any original content to post.

Benefits of curation content

The benefits of content curation are many, and they all come with the use of social media; Social platforms are no longer just a place of communication.

While this is the essence of it, for those who have a business, this socialization involves strategies and methods that will convince the audience to do something, such as visiting a page, knowing a brand, buying a product, or doing something To hire service to say something: less.

Thanks to this new vision of social media, it now a matter of learning to choose what published and get to the point with general information, be it your own or someone else’s.

Let your brand gain credibility and considered an expert in your niche because of the topics you work on and how you provide valuable advice and information to your audience.

Connect with large numbers of people and reach out to other groups that would be very difficult to conquer the traditional way, but with relevant content, you can catch them .traffic 

Increase your brand’s online presence because sharing relevant and valuable information will help your brand gain awareness.

Grow your business. The more visits you get on social media. Therefore,  more likely it is that you will drive to your website, which will lead to an increase in your customer base.

To give information. While it may sound altruistic, providing valuable and accessible information to everyone on social media is good. Of course, this will bring you many benefits later on, but you can start with selfless help if you are an entrepreneur.

Five types of content curation

There are several ways to organize your content, but you don’t have to use all of them or deal with just one. The most exciting thing is that you are evaluating which method will give you the best results and which one will suit your target audience.

One of the easiest ways to curate content, but perhaps not the most useful for increasing customer loyalty, is to use a content aggregation tool that summarizes the most important content by topic in a list. I told you above that aggregation alone is not an effective way to curate content, which means you have to give your audience a little more.

Keeping general content on the list does not require much effort on your part. To make this technique effective, you can combine it with helpful testimonials from your company to bring something new to your audience.

Another method  distillation, in which, as the name suggests, the content summarized in the most important places or statements and then published. This method takes time and little effort, but it can do a lot for your business and audience.

constant flow of information

A constant flow of information on a topic is another way of presenting organized content. This information frequently updated and contains links leading to the sources of individual details. This technique known as elevation.

In addition, there two other methods that, in my opinion, give the best results, as they help to gain credibility, retain customers and provide valuable ideas to the public since they are not limited to the selected content but include new content.

The first is called a chronology and a chronological description of the topic, including the main contributions, developments, and changes the subject has undergone; And also, such a timeline includes links and quotes from critical authors who contributed to this topic. Therefore,  idea is for you and your brand to bring “a little more” to the theme and highlight it in the timeline.

Therefore,  second method a mashup, which attempts to create content based on quotes, opinions, links, and paraphrases from other people’s comments on a topic. And also, Yes, there is a trade-off between creating new content and using organized content. This method lets your audience know that you responsible for what you post, that you are interested in helping them, and pay attention to trends.

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