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How to Make two Free Fire Accounts in One Mobile Phone, and More

Free Fire is a viral online game worldwide. Since it is about deed and adventure, your knowledge in this game is fantastic.

In Spanish, Fuego Libre has millions of followers who want to experience a game in lawless places. It is about military operations where there are shootings, and the objective is to kill the enemy or the distracted.

Before carrying out these processes, 50 players who fall by parachute must look for weapons to kill their opponents. These players must choose where they want to be and take all the necessary provisions to survive in the war.

This Free Fire game has millions of everyday downloads. That’s why in 2019, it received the prize for “Best popular voting game”. No wonder it has become a trendy game.

Like everything, it has pros and cons. It did not like many, especially Thailand’s government, and therefore they proceeded to sue the game. Also sometimes problems are downloading it.

Where the Free Fire Game Created?

  • Free Fire created in Singapore in December 2017, but it came out in February 2018. You have to be actual watchful in this game since can you kill in the slightest carelessness.
  • This game is so dangerous that the same help centre tells you that you have only 10 minutes to survive. Free Fire is so played that more than 400 million people downloaded it from the past year’s Google Play Store.
  • This game raised $ 19.3 million once-a-month tickets for Garena, which is why it is a significant monetary win for this corporation.
  • For many and other details, this game has become part of many people’s lives, it has excellent graphics, especially for cell phones of medium and low description, and you can have fun playing with your friends.
  • This game is so fun that many participants would like to have two accounts on the same cell phone. There are details why you have this double application, one to annoy and the other to play intensely.

How to Make two Free Fire Accounts in one Mobile?

Step 1

  • We necessity to consume Garena Free Fire installed on our pc or Android.
  • In an easy to install application, now we bring you the simple instructions so that you can make both applications on your same phone.

Step 2

  • In your current Free Fire account, close the session. When you have it completed, create a new account.
  • Facebook must make this new account if you prefer or log in as a guest.

Step 3

  • By doing it this way, this cut complete will save, and you will be able to continue usually playing, levelling up. You will last playing as if it did not shape you a new account. Not smooth. The other players will notice it.
  • One great thing that occurs is that when you open as a visitor, your account will not change, and it will not delete.
  • It is of great attention to tell you that there are other methods to create or have two free fire accounts. For example, the iPhone or Android have a magnificent operating system that allows you to enter through favoured or recommended accounts.
  • With these proposals, you will manage to have or make two accounts for Free Fire so that you will enjoy this popular game to the fullest.

Delete Registered Credit Card in Free Fire on Android

  1. The modality of online purchases has become common. A large part of the population is part of this because we can buy products without moving from home.
  2. Still, we must know that the purchase must make through Google Play Store with a package, and you get the game when it comes to games.
  3. Given this, it becomes difficult to get the choice to delete the card because that option does not seem in the game, but we can leader ourselves through specific steps.
  4. You must start by incoming the Google Play Store, where you download the requests and then find the menu and enter the account.
  5. Next, we investigate payment methods, and you must press where it says payment locations, then when the card that we add appears, click on remove, and thus we end the game card will eliminate.
  6. The steps are simple, but it recommends that the card be eliminated to evade any inconvenience after the purchase.
  7. Many operators make these purchases in free fire because it is an easy and fast way. With this, you can find skills for your charm.

Delete the Credit Card Registered in Free Fire on iPhone

In the circumstance of having the game on iPhone and we want to eliminate the credit card, we have to guide ourselves finished the following steps:

  • The main thing is to enter the phone settings. We continue to select our name.
  • You must enter where it says sum and shipping, and there will appear the cards that we have protected in our iPhone, and of course, we must select the menu that we want to erase, in this case, the one that we have affiliated with the game.
  • In the lower part, we look for a change payment method and select where it says none to cancel the card.
  • The significant thing about knowing all these steps is that our credit cards will not be bare for other purposes or used by third parties.
  • Video games have opened the door to another virtual world. Many of them vary in their characteristics. There are even numerous popular and famous games that do not need an internet connection for Android.


Garena free fire converted one of the most copied exponential game worldwide in 2019. With many lively users around the world, this game is about action and adventure.

The game begins by falling on an island in search of weapons and equipment to kill other players. Today the individuals in charge of this game are working to achieve an improved version.

There are ways to download free fire for free on pc or Android. This game is quite representative because the stages were devising the modality for mobiles.

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