7 Exciting Gifts to Get for Your Gamer Friend on Cyber Monday

We all have that one friend who is a gaming freak with quite an addiction. If you are not the one, you might know someone around you who is completely into gaming. This year you have a great chance to surprise them and show them your love and affection by gifting them the perfect gamer device to match their gaming setup and level up their game!

Are you confused as to what you should be getting for your friend? Fortunately, Cyber Monday is just up ahead and we have loads of ideas for what you could get for them. We are here to solve your problem by giving you easy and clear options. Just scroll down and decide what you’re going to order on this Cyber Monday Sale.


A SoundBar has the ability to elevate the spirit of gaming up to cloud nine. If your friend is a true gamer and you really want to make him happy by gifting something amazing, go for a SoundBar. A SoundBar is slim and can be placed beautifully below the screen. The surround system creates the perfect environment for gaming and the best thing is, it is space-efficient.

We suggest checking out the Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar. It offers a phenomenal sound quality even though it comes in a compact size. Moreover, you would not have to face the hassle of tangled wires or resort to gigantic speakers to enjoy your game.


A gamer sometimes runs out of time for so many important things just because he is too absorbed in achieving his targets. A smartwatch can help your gamer friend in so many ways and can be his personal assistant by giving him an important reminder through different alarms and signals.

Just have a look at the REDMAGIC Watch; it packs all the right features in it that your friend might like in their watch. With over 15 different workout modes, a variety of watch faces, and an ample battery life, one simply cannot resist getting it.


A new and updated PlayStation®5 can be the biggest surprise to your friend but can be very heavy on your pocket if you buy it any day during the year. This is why Cyber Monday is the best day of the year to surprise your friend and keep them happy for a whole year.

But make sure to guide your friend to the right internet service such as AT&TIinternet as all the exotic games on the PlayStation®5 require lightning-fast and high-bandwidth internet service. This service provider offers an exceptional service at reasonable rates via the AT&T bundles.


If your friend lives with other people who are not fond of gaming and they are also running short of space to set their gaming zone, you don’t need to let them feel sad about this and don’t let them cry over a soundbar.

Get them the most convenient device, i.e. AirPods that are light in weight, small in packaging, and can be easily wearable. Most importantly, it creates the surround sound effect in the ears and lets the gamer feels better when they’re gaming. The latest AirPods 3rd Gen can be your choice of purchase.


A tablet is small and handy to carry anywhere with you. If your gamer friend is stuck somewhere for long hours, they still can get the bliss of gaming or get into their favorite pastime just by taking out their tablet.

Just check out the amazing Amazon Fire 7 tablet. It features up to 32 GB’s worth of storage capacity, has a gigantic IPD display of 7 inches, and comes with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. They can enjoy all the industry-popular games such as PUBG Mobile, CODM, Clash of Clans, and countless others with great ease.


Chances are that your hardcore gaming pal is also into streaming their digital talent for the world to enjoy. Thus leading to the need for a reliable webcam. This leads us to tell you about the Elgato Facecam.

This beautiful piece of equipment is proof that big things do come in small packages. It offers true 1080p HD recording capabilities that are reinforced by Sony’s STARVIS Sensor that enhances indoor video quality. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy up to 82 degrees field of view so that the maximum frame may be captured.

Smart Lights

It is not only difficult to get up once you are all comfy on your gaming couch it can also be very risky to adjust room lights at some important turn of the game. This is why customizable smart lights can be very helpful to your gamer friend because with this he would be able to function and adjust lightning without moving an inch.

You could consider Smart Light panels and accessories over at the Nanoleaf store. They offer an amazing selection of smart light panels that not only offer the perfect gaming ambiance but also add to the décor of the room.

On a Final Note

So these were some of the most convenient and impactful gifts for your gamer friend. While there may be several other gifting ideas, we believe these are the ones they will enjoy the most. Good Luck!

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