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Google Calendar – Definition, Reasons to Use on our Mobile, and More
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Google Calendar – Definition, Reasons to Use on our Mobile, and More

Google Calendar Definition

Google Calendar is a time-management and preparation calendar service developed by Google. It became available in beta announcement April 13, 2006, and in overall issue in July 2009, on the net and mobile apps for the Android and iOS stages.

Google Calendar lets users create and edit proceedings. Reminders can enable for events, with options available for type and time. Event locations can also add, and other users can invite to events.

Users can enable or hinder the visibility of unique calendars, including Birthdays, where the app retrieves birth dates from Google contacts and displays birthday cards yearly and Holidays. This country-specific calendar shows dates of special occasions.

Over time, Google has added functionality that uses machine learning, including “Events from Gmail, ” where event information from a user’s Gmail messages automatically adds to Google Calendar; “Reminders”, where users add to-do activities that can automatically update with new info.

“Smart Suggestions”, where the app indorses titles, contacts, and locations when creating events; and “Goals”, where users enter data on a specified personal goal, and the app automatically schedules the activity at optimal times.

Reasons to Use Google Calendar on our Mobile

google calendar

  • If we want to enjoy and enjoy Google Calendar from our mobile, we must know which applications are essential to meet our goal.
  • The first is “Any. Do”, which is one of the highest quality applications when managing our activities, doing its job in a very efficient way, and the best thing about it is that its compatibility with Google Calendar is one hundred per cent. Balanced and guaranteed per cent.
  • Another compelling and necessary one is ” Evernote ”. Being in its branch one of the highest in quality and aesthetics allows us to personalize our notes with labels and other accessories.
  • And leave them on the screen of mobile for any task of the day we must do not overlook at any time.
  • Of course, we cannot put aside ” Facebook ” being the worldwide social platform, a real innovation. We can share our events and organizations directly to our Google Calendar, which generates greater convenience and versatility.
  • One that is also easily integrated with Google Calendar is “Gmail”, allowing us to interact.
  • And therefore receive notifications of dates and times of various events that we have pending.

How can I Add or Modify a Background Image on my Google Calendar?

  • The answer is straightforward, and the steps are quick. First of all, we must access our “Google Calendar” account. There we will find a “gear icon” at the top of the screen which means ” configuration ”.
  • We press there, various options will display, and we must click on the one that indicates ” general ”.
  • Then, almost at the end of the options, there will be’ ‘ calendar background ”, we press this, then click on ” choose an image ”.
  • We can select a photo or image from Google or one that we have previously saved in the files on our computer.
  • ” Select ” and then we go to where indicated ” general settings ”, click on the option of ” centred” and then on ” scaling ”.
  • This step does place the image’s size as we want it to appear in our Google Calendar background.
  • Finally, we ” click ” on ” save ” and we can go back to the home page to see how it has been, and voila, it does.

Best Benefits when Using Google Calendar

google calendar

  1. Undoubtedly, this tool is handy. It becomes easier for us to check the weather.
  2. For example, if it is a rainy or sunny day, we will have a precise and immediate answer by placing our location area.
  3. Also among its most significant advantages, we have the fact that we can consult it without having an internet connection, such as seeing the events we have planned or creating one, this can use both on mobile phones and our PC.
  4. It allows us to customize different calendars in the same tool, as if that weren’t enough, we can organize our tasks in various types of calendars, isn’t that great? So if you don’t have this tool in use, don’t hesitate to use it.
  5. You take advantage of the customization options that Google offers throughout its line of applications so that you can get the most out of all of them.

Features of Google Calendar

  • Google Calendar lets users make and edit events. Events have a hard twitch time and stop period, with an option for an “All-day event”.
  • Users can allow a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for frequency.
  • Users can add colour to an event for recognition or distinguish the event from others.
  • Events are available in different types of setups, including day, week, month, or schedule.
  • Locations can add for easy understanding of an event’s place.
  • Users can optionally set notifications, with choices for type (email, mobile push notification) and time.
  • Users can invite other people to proceedings; for other Google Calendar users, the occasion becomes visible in their calendar, and for non-Google Calendar operators. An email will have choices for “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”.
  • Privacy settings allow the user to define the levels of public visibility of the entire calendar or individual events. Although the calendar defaults to showing users event times in their local time, users can specify a different time zone for an event.
  • Users can enable or disable the visibility of unique calendars, with a Birthdays calendar that automatically saves dates of births from a user’s Google contacts.
  • And shows the dates yearly, and a Holidays calendar, a country-specific calendar containing dates of special times.
  • Kevin Fox initially designed the user interface. Google Calendar lets the user import events from a different calendar application, with outstanding support for Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCloud calendars.


As its name indicates, it is a calendar and schedule that works electronically. There we can perform various functions, such as adding and creating reminders.

This would help us and generate much more comfort when organizing our daily activities, and so on. The best thing about it is that we can see Google Calendar on the desktop of our PC.

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Review Google Calendar – Definition, Reasons to Use on our Mobile, and More.

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