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20 Oct 2021

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How to Become Masters of Place Value System?
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How to Become Masters of Place Value System?

The foundation of masters education starts as early as the primary level of school education. Imbibing some of the basic mathematical knowledge of numbers and shapes, the children opt for the advanced level of mathematical expressions. Cuemath can lend a helping hand to your child in learning the place values and help your child have a bright future ahead. Cuemath imbibes the precise mathematical expressions of place values and number systems in your child.

What is a Place Value?

Math is all about digits and numbers and playing with several arithmetic expressions. Place value determines the place in the number system. There is a number 7382 written on the worksheet of your child. Your child needs to write the place values of the number. The correct sequence of the number is that the digit 2 is in one place. Then number 8 in the sequence is in the tenths place followed by 3 in the hundreds place and seven being in the thousands.

A Chart Can Emerge as a Hero

Cuemath initiates the learning procedure of place values among the children by making it interesting. A compact and comprehensive table or chart of the place values. Cuemath can help you and your child with a simple place value learning system by providing colorful blocks with individual numbers. It helps the child to remember the numbers and their place values in a better way.

Lakhs/Millions Thousands Hundreds Tenths Ones


How to Become a Place Value System Expert?

The only way towards a successful career is the right beginning. The correct foundation begins from school. Cuemath leaves no stone unturned to train your child to become a master in the place value system. They can prove to be a boon for you and your child in a few steps.

Make Way for Abstracts- Cuemath allows using the personalized abstracts for a comprehensive and concrete understanding of the concepts. The visual impression is something that the children imbibe faster. Try to give your child a few colorful blocks with numbers on them and ask them to arrange them according to place values. They will find it interesting to take those colorful blocks in their hands. It will also help the children to nurture their thoughts towards solving the place values of the numbers.

Some Frames Can Enhance Learning- Cuemath also believes in better understanding through logical visuals. Some two-ten frames can help in a better understanding of the number system and their masters place values. The divisions on this chart represent the place values like tenths, hundreds, and thousands. However, some creative building block systems on the charts can help to learn the numbers belonging to a specific category.

Grouping Things Can be Useful- Learning place values and number systems can still become easy and hassle-free with the grouped counting system. Instead of teaching your child to count individually, you can prefer the method of counting in groups. Suppose you scatter many crayons on the floor and ask the children to divide themselves. The best way is to pick them up and count in groups of ten. It makes counting numbers easy.

Participation is Essential- Classroom teaching is not sufficient. To make the children learn effectively, their classroom participation is necessary. The teacher can give random numbers on board and ask each child to count the numbers and arrange them according to their place values. The more they will practice, they will become more efficient.

Cuemath sets the goal right for your child and knows what is best for your child. It is how they become masters of place values and number system. They focus on the holistic development of your child so that they can reach the roots of knowledge. Your child can taste the fruit of success with Cuemath. Cuemath believes in setting up the right standard of masters education for your child. The Number system is an integral part of math. Learning mere concepts won’t help. You need to have in-depth knowledge about the place value system.




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