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How To Create An Online Fashion Store In 9 Steps

Create an online fashion store, and you are in luck. In this guide, we have taken a tour of the nine most essential steps that you must consider before starting your business, from the initial business plan, to contacting influencers. Are you interested? Keep reading!

The Best 9 Steps to Create an Online Fashion Store

Step 1: Plan an Online Fashion Store

  • Before starting any business, you need to have a plan. There are two types of the business plan that you can create depending on their purpose: for internal use if you are going to use it simply as a guide; or for external use, if you want to get financing or be granted a loan.
  • If you have enough funds to launch your business without having to apply for a loan from an investor or a bank, a lean business plan will be more than enough.
  • As this plan is for internal use, you should not spend too much time describing the company’s history, the promoters’ profiles, the functionalities of the product, etc.
  • You must focus on the points that add value, that make you think, and that help with decision making.
  • However, suppose your case is the opposite, and you have to present your business plan to obtain financing.
  • In that case, you should take it seriously and include data on the market, your products, your competition, and sales strategies and long-term financial projections.

Step 2: Decide on the Platform

  • Once you have planned your online business, you must decide which platform you want to develop.
  • Do you want to take advantage of the tremendous organic traffic that Etsy has? Or do you prefer to have a little more control over your website, its design, and the overall shopping experience?
  • There are pros and cons to together choices, and ultimately it all comes down to the type of products you want to sell, the amount of control you want over customizing your website, and the budget you have.

Step 3: Choose a Name

  • Make sure you choose a name that you are totally in love with, that you can say with pride, and that your customers identify with your type of business.
  • Choosing a name is not easy and will probably take a while, but don’t worry. This is all part of the planning process for your business.
  • In this post, we give you some keys to choose the right name, and we talk about the different types of naming so that you can get inspired and get ideas:

Step 4: Develop the Brand

  • The development of a brand includes the name of the business, its type of target customer, its logo, and the online fashion store’s design and general appearance. What feelings do you want to convey? How are you going to communicate with your clients?
  • Your brand goes beyond simply choosing a consistent aesthetic style. Your brand is all you do, from the colours and fonts you use on your website to the types of content you post on social media.
  • And also, your corporate identity is something that people can relate to, which differentiates you from others and connects with your customers. In these posts, you can find all the information you need to create your brand:

Step 5: Decide what will be the Source of your Products

Now that you have a clear impression of ​​what type of products you want to sell, it is time to decide where you will buy them. Here are some options:

Own Manufacture

  • Manufacturing your products allows you precise control over quality and brand but at the cost of a significant time commitment. Your options will be limited to your skills and resources.
  • Another viable option to acquire your products is to find a manufacturer that makes them for you, whether national or foreign.


  • Buying in bulk is a relatively simple and straightforward process.
  • You buy your inventory (usually from other brands) directly from the manufacturer or an intermediary supplier at a higher discount rate, which in turn, resell at a higher price.


  • The central concept of dropshipping is the sale of products that you don’t own.
  • The process consists of taking the orders from your online business and sending them to your supplier/dropship partner.
  • They, in return, ship the product to your customer on behalf of your company.

Step 6: Highlight your Products

You can have the best corporate image and the most beautiful online store globally, that if your products do not stand out, you will not sell anything.

Many persons are still unwilling to buy online, so you should make their experience similar to buying in a physical store.

And how can you get it? With high-quality photos of your products from every possible angle. You have several options, depending on your budget:


  • If you plan to add new inventory regularly and have a certain fluency with the camera, you may consider investing in a team to do this yourself.
  • The entry costs will be higher, but you will have more flexibility, and you can count on your friends’ help to act as models.
  • You will need a good camera, a tripod, a couple of spotlights, and a white background.

Hire a Professional

  • If photography is not your thing, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional who is familiar with product photography. Just give them some guidelines on the style you would like to achieve, and voila.

Step 7: Determine How You are Going to Ship your Products

  • Having a plan for shipping your products is crucial. If your shipping costs are too high or the shipping time is too long, you will likely lose customers.
  • You will have to choose a company that is reliable, fast and within your budget.

Step 8: Online Marketing

Create an online fashion store usually has outstanding sales results when using social networks in the right way.

Since you will start your Social Media Marketing strategy, it is best to focus your efforts on one or two networks at most.

In this case, create an online fashion store. The most suitable social networks for you will be Facebook and Instagram.

You can share the products that have just arrived at your store on both platforms, create garment combinations, contests, and establish a relationship with your customers.

If you decide to bet on advertising on Social Networks, we have a couple of articles that can help you:

  • How to make an effective Facebook Ads campaign
  • How to create an ad for Instagram

Another good idea to promote yourself online without investing too much is by creating a business blog. Content Marketing is one of the most effective strategies today. It will make you position yourself as an expert in your field and attract more traffic to your online store.

Step 9: Start Looking for Influencers

  • Finally, following the Online Marketing line, it would also be good for you to maintain relationships with bloggers and fashion influencers.
  • Get in touch with a blogger or Instagram you admire and who you think can represent your target customer.
  • And offer them a piece of clothing to show on their social networks, a discount code to share with their followers. Or invite them to write an article guest for your online store blog.
  • The possibilities are many, and if they accept the collaboration, you can get a significant advantage over your competitors.

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