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jobWhat Is A Job?

Job Write Fir Us: A job is work, specifically a specific task, performed as part of professional routine or at an agreed price.

Also, work refers to a unit of work or set of instructions given to an operating system to execute. A job includes all activities required to complete a project.

Depending on the project, these can be small programs or large processes.

What Are The Types Of Jobs?

In society, most of us have multiple jobs. A person can be an employee, a parent and a housewife. In fact, they are all types of professions by definition.

Persons with special training in certain fields of work have either:

– Trade: It is a manual work. Examples include carpenters, car mechanics, hairdressers and bakers. Occupations also include butchers, plumbers and tree cutters.

Becoming a trader usually requires taking a course and doing some practical work.

– Profession: For this type of work you need a university degree. Examples include lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects, librarians, engineers and pharmacists. Scientists, physicists, teachers, university professors and geologists are also professions.

Between trades and occupations there are technical and administrative occupations. Some of them require a college degree.

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