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Laser printing is a static digital printing process. Create high-quality text and graphics (and medium-quality photos) by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth through a negatively charged cylinder called a “drum” to identify another captured image. The drum then selectively collects the electrically charged ink powder (toner) and transfers the copy to the paper, animated to permanently position the text, images, or both on the form. Like digital copiers, laser printers use a xerographic printing process. Laser printing differs from traditional xerography used in analog copiers in that the latter creates an image by reflecting light from an existing document onto an exposed drum.

Invented by Xerox PARC in the 1970s, laser printers for the office and later for the home market were introduced in the following years by IBM, Canon, Xerox, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and many others. Over the past few decades, quality and speed have increased, prices have dropped, and modern printing equipment is ubiquitous today.

Most home or office printers these days are inkjet or laser printers. The latter tend to leave a lot of doubt about their performance and profitability, especially if they are buying them for the first time or wondering if they are the best fit for them. Let’s remove the main doubts.

Laser printing, main advantages

Laser printers offer high efficiency

A laser printing machine does its job better and faster than a classic inkjet printer. It also has a long shelf life. It means that we are talking about a very efficient peripheral that can handle a large workload in a short time.

Ease of service

No ink is required for laser printing. The toner used does not contain liquids that may dry out or spill. It simplifies the maintenance of such a printer. You don’t need to clean ink heads in addition to your work to avoid streaks. A simple cleaning every few weeks is enough to keep your device in good condition for a long time.

The laser printing system is economical for demanding use.

A laser printer is more expensive than an inkjet printer. And that’s what we say basically, because the truth is, they keep losing value. However, laser printing does not require purchasing ink cartridges. With heavy use of the device, the cost per page of laser printing is significantly lower compared to ink. Therefore, if you plan to print a large number of pages regularly, appreciate this aspect. It is one of the reasons why laser printers are often recommended in offices.

High-quality laser printing

It is accurate, and its quality can be felt with the naked eye. And there can be no divorces with him. In the case of official documents or precise drawings, this quality can be critical. But the truth is, for general home or business use, where it’s not often used, this is one aspect that doesn’t matter.

With laser printing, the savings on consumables are significantly higher than when using alternative inks.

Besides paper, toner is also used as a consumable in laser printing. They can be printed at a meager cost per page. The difference in price per page printed in ink is vast. If you have a lot of printed pages, the laser alternative is significantly cheaper. It also saves you time because you don’t have to order accessories every time.

Laser printing is silent

This point does not matter at home if the printer is used from time to time. However, in a work environment with multiple working printers and other devices and devices, this may be another consideration to consider when choosing this type of device over others.

Laser printing waterproof

Of course, no one wants to get the printed sheet wet, but sometimes it happens by accident. Sheets printed with ink tend to fade. The laser does not suffer from this problem. While the paper suffers anyway, if it can be dried to recover from laser printing, you won’t have any reading problems as it won’t damage the print.

The main disadvantages of laser printing systems.

Although prices for laser printers are getting cheaper, they are still higher than similar inkjet alternatives. The former more profitable in the long run but requires higher start-up costs. However, the difference between the two printing systems is no longer as significant as a few years ago.

The laser printing system is not the best for photo printing.

Photo printing is not the strong point of laser printers. If you want to use your printer to print good photos, your best bet is to choose a specific printer for that purpose or opt for a high-quality multifunction printer.

Laser printers are great

Typically a laser printer is much larger and heavier than an inkjet printer. It is the moment to decide if you don’t have enough room for it, for example, if you will be using it at the checkout. However, this is not a point that should weigh your decision unless you have important caveats.

Types of laser printing machines

There are several types of laser printing peripherals on the market. Interestingly, you meet with them to decide which one is more interesting to you.

Black and white laser printer

They only offer laser printing in one color. It means that, except in exceptional cases, we

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