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02 Jun 2023

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Managed ServersWhat Does Managed Servers Help With?

In today’s world the managed servers, many companies are offering managed hosting in one form or another for the following reasons:

  • To help with single tenant server administration
  • Reduction/elimination of customer’s time investment in server maintenance
  • Providing a stable platform for website accounts and applications.
  • Provision of updates/upgrades for the main operating system of the servers
  • Provision of backup services for disaster recovery
  • Provide a secure data storage and archiving platform
  • To ensure security protocols are configured and maintained on the server
  • Provide active monitoring of server software and services
  • To provide technical support and troubleshooting resources
  • Reduce your customers’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by lowering their internal IT/infrastructure costs
  • Free up a client’s time and resources to focus more on their business.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover several features that are often covered by “managed hosting” versus the features provided in an “unmanaged hosting” environment and how they compare.

We use Liquid Web’s definitions of managed and unmanaged, but your hosts’ definitions may differ.

In order to provide a relevant representation of your business, we provide a checklist of systems and services that we think should be covered, which you can use to better define and compare the options that should be available to you.

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