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Marketing automation mentions to software platforms and technologies intended for marketing departments and organizations to promote more efficiently across multiple online channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and to automate repetitive tasks

Therefore, Marketing departments, consultants, and part-time marketers benefit from defining criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes, which are then interpreted, stored, and executed by software, increasing efficiency and reducing human mistakes. First focused on email marketing automation, refers to a wide range of automation and analysis tools for marketing, especially inbound marketing. Marketing automation platforms are used as hosting or web solution, and the customer does not need to install any software.

Leveraging a marketing automation platform aims to optimize sales and marketing organizations by replacing repetitive, highly tactile manual processes with automated solutions.

A marketing automation platform is a dashboard that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure their online and offline marketing campaigns. It is often used in conjunction with a marketing lifecycle strategy to carefully manage and develop leads generated to convert leads into customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is the process of planning and pre-setting all the steps in converting a prospect (prospect) into a customer.

The potential of Marketing Automation is that once this “engine” is set up, no human intervention is required in the conversion process, as all emails, notifications, and actions are carried out automatically by the customer automation software. In this way, we can also focus our efforts on attracting new customers who drive “technology” forward.

In a nutshell, marketing plan template starts when we drive traffic until we get the conversions we want from new leads we get across the internet, other media, and channels.

What Is Work Management Software

What is Work management software is a useful digital tool that enables individuals and teams to break projects and other work into smaller tasks to improve team collaboration and achieve better business results?

Why rely on marketing automation

Marketing automation keeps us a lot of time, but above all, it enables us to do more personalized and, therefore, more efficient marketing. Other advantages:

  • Increase online sales
  • Increase the number of new prospects.
  • Segment our database to understand our audience better
  • Save on hiring and selling
  • Connect business and digital on a single platform

We help all of our consulting companies Convert + customers with automating their activities and, exceptionally, acquiring qualified leads. Once the “mechanism” is activated, we must focus all of our efforts on attracting new prospects, all the more at a time when hiring via social media is economical.

We’ve reduced the cost of attracting new customers from $ 5 to $ 7 on Google Adwords to less than $ 1 on Facebook Ads for some customers.

What do we need to implement marketing automation in our company?

Valuable content and exclusive offers that we can offer to attract new potential customers (leads)

Sequences (steps that the customer follows to generate the desired conversion)

Tags (to activate actions and segment our database)

Triggers (triggers) and automation elements. Example: opening emails, following links, unsubscribing, filling out forms, visiting websites, etc.)

Conversion-optimized landing pages to generate more leads and sell more

A team specialized in strategy, analysis and automation can optimize our automation campaigns.

Various automation, contract, and online sales tools.

Automating our business means testing and testing new formulas to increase conversions. Good marketing automation is constantly updated, so you will see more and more companies and professionals devoted to building conversion funnels.

At a consulting firm, we deploy 6 to 10 new clients and implement marketing automation to help them grow their business.

Marketing automation tools

As I mentioned earlier, marketing automation is all about using different tools, not just automating actions and emails.

For our customers and in our projects, we use at least:

  • WordPress to increase organic traffic with a good content strategy
  • Advertise on Facebook to attract qualified leads (mainly customers, with the help of the Vilma Núñez project, we have thousands of new organic leads every month).
  • InfusionSoft or Active Campaign to combine CRM and automation in a single tool. And also, We use InfusionSoft, and we also use it for customers with over 25,000 to 30,000 prospects. We use Active Campaign for the rest.
  • Plus This or Leads Bridge to build a custom Facebook audience and automate other processes that keep track of our customers’ actions through the emails we send. It is a potent tool as we automatically leave the “machine” for remarketing based on the activities of our prospects via email newsletters.

An example of a funnel for marketing automation

1. Paid traffic. Paid traffic is the process by which visitors are directed to a website through advertising campaigns. We can increase traffic through search engines and social media campaigns. Be careful. You don’t always have to invest in paid traffic. I have dozens of funnels working on organic traffic every day.

2. An acquisition occurs when users who go through advertising campaigns leave us their contact details to access the content or deliver the value we have promised. It’s essentially bartering.

3. Therefore,  first sale with an offer in this funnel is made immediately. In a usual funnel, the user leaves their data on a landing page for recruitment and is then redirected to a thank you page with the instructions to access the promised content. However, in this funnel we change the thank you page for a sales page with an irresistible offer.

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