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Marketplace – Definition, Basic, How to Publish, and More
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Marketplace – Definition, Basic, How to Publish, and More

Marketplace Definition

The marketplace is a process that operates when there are people who act as buyers and others as sellers of goods and services, generating the action of Exchange.

Traditionally the marketplace was understanding as a place where the processes of Exchange of goods and services occur between demanders and suppliers. Still, with the appearance of technology, markets no longer need a physical space.

However, for that reason, there is a marketplace as long as there are intentions to buy and sell. And the participants agree to carry out the exchanges at an agreed price. Undoubtedly, the Exchange takes place because both participants obtain a benefit. That is, both parties win.

The Basis of the Marketplace is Exchange


Human beings from ancient times realized the need to exchange because Exchange improved their living conditions.

1. Exchange by Barter

  • In the same way, markets arose before money appeared since people gathered in certain places in their communities, taking part in what they produced and exchanging it for what they could not have.
  • In reality, the first exchange was made through barter, which exchanged one good for another or by direct Exchange.

2 . Exchange with Money

  • Of course, when money appeared, exchanging was facilitating since the Exchange was indirect, which allowed the expansion of exchanges in time and space.
  • On the other hand, indirect Exchange allowed the evolution and improvement of markets, making them more efficient.

How to Publish your Products in the Marketplace?


  1. Essentially, Marketplace is the means to buy and sell that Facebook has, where you can publish any product you want; users observe it and write to the seller to make the purchase.
  2. To make these publications, what is most recommended is creativity.
  3. The first thing you should do is activate Facebook Marketplace to use it from your cell phone.   Go to Facebook and then click on Marketplace; press +, then select ‘Item for sale’ to create a new post.
  4. Now, write a title, the price you want the product to have, location and search for the item’s category.
  5. You can enter a description to explain the product and upload a photo of the item you offer; the best thing is to take a picture with good quality and lighting.
  6. Check that nothing is missing and press the ‘Publish’ button.
  7. By doing this, you will already have your product correctly published.
  8. What is most recommended is that you strive to make a quality publication that is attractive to the public, with photos and precise information.

Operate the Marketplace

For the marketplace to operate, you need someone to buy and someone to sell, and these two parts are what make up the market.

1. Buyer

  • On the one hand, the buyer is the person who acts in a marketplace to acquire a good or service in Exchange for giving another good (if it is by barter) or by paying an amount of money. (if it is by indirect Exchange).
  • When someone buys, this person considers that the good they are receiving is worth more than the good or the price they are delivering.
  • Furthermore, we call buyers in the marketplace plaintiffs, and plaintiffs maximize their utility when they buy at low prices.

2. Seller

  • Now, the seller, for his part, is the subject who is willing to deliver one sound for another (Exchange by barter) or in exchange for a quantity of money (indirect Exchange).
  • On the one hand, the seller considers that the good or the money he is receiving has more value than the good or service he offers.
  • Thus, sellers know in the marketplace as bidders and every bidder. Maximizes his utility when he manages to sell at the highest prices in the market.
  • Main markets the principal marketing place can be well-ordered into the goods and services market and the production factors market.

3. Market for Goods and Services

  • Therefore, the market for goods and services is where you buy different goods and services produced in the market.
  • For this reason, the suppliers or sellers in this market are the companies that carry out the activity of the production of these products and then offer them in the market, placing a price on them.
  • On the other hand, the demanders are generally the individuals and families who need these goods and services for their consumption.
  • But institutions and companies need these goods and services for their consumption. Commercialization or to be used as an input in a subsequent production process is also demanding.

4. Marketplace of Production Factors

  • On the other hand, in the market for production factors, productive factors such as raw materials, capital, and labour are exchanged. Then, these factors combine by companies to be able to carry out their productive tasks.
  • Of course, in the labour market, the suppliers are the individuals and families who sell these production factors and charge them.
  • At the same time, companies function as plaintiffs since they are willing to pay the fee to obtain production factors.

Why won’t Marketplace Let you Publish?

  1. This error can arise for several factors if, when publishing, we observe that it indicates ‘There are problems with the product’, which means that it is violating the commerce policies of the site.
  2. It may happen that you wrote something that Facebook did not like very much or that the product you sell is not allowed on the platform.
  3. It should mention that you can sell only physical products. You cannot offer services (cleaning of places). Likewise, if the description and the photo do not match, they must have the same information, which otherwise will not be allowed.
  4. Nor can you sell animals, even if they are domestic animals. It is forbidden to offer them through the application. For this reason, it seeks that the products are the best to sell on the internet.
  5. As soon as the error message appears, you can delete the publication to create a new one.
  6. Other factors that could cause this error is your internet connection.
  7. Likewise, an error can arise when we publish the same product too many times. You have to wait for short periods before making a new publication and writing new titles.
  8. On the other hand, try to publish from your PC.
  9. Some users believe that it is much better to do it from your computer because there are fewer problems.
  10. And the application can crash on the phone. So that no new errors appear update Facebook to its latest version.

Recommendations to Make the Best Publications in Marketplace

Publications are the most important because they allow you to offer your products to many people. Any user who needs to make a purchase will look for a seller who has a good image, an excellent presentation that draws attention, also provides security.

The first thing to keep in mind is: Publish several photos of the product. This will allow the seller to observe your work, sharing it with their closest friends or family.

Write correctly in the publication: If you put a clear and understandable message, it will be much better. This will allow you to attract more audience, use keywords, and don’t write too much.

Reply politely to your customers: There is nothing better than a seller who provides all the necessary information to customers. This causes them to feel comfortable with your service and want to buy more of your products in the future.


A marketplace is a handy tool that brings significant benefits to your business. To make a publication to make yourself known to the public, you will have to follow a series of steps, which will help you publish without any errors arising.

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