Minecraft 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17 apk: Download Free

Download Minecraft 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17 apk free with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with the new features of the underworld!


What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17?

The Minecraft 1.17.10 Caves & Cliffs update was aimed at changing the underworld. It is this location that has remained almost unchanged since very ancient times. It was boring to be in the caves. The developers at Mojang Studios decided to fix this. They added new caves, blocks, and even mobs.


This mob is a new friend of the player in Minecraft 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17. To meet the axolotl, you need to go down into the caves. It is in the lakes of the underworld that this mob can be found. Axolotl appears in five different colors: yellow, blue, pink, brown, and blue.

The peculiarity of axolotls is that they are pre-configured very positively towards the player. This mob can impose a regeneration effect on the player and relieve fatigue if he killed a hostile mob. You can breed axolotls using tropical fish.


Candles are another interesting innovation in Minecraft PE 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17. This new light source can be installed at once, up to four pieces per unit. To craft a candle, you need to use a honeycomb and a thread.



Honeycombs can be obtained with scissors, using them on a bee nest in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17. There are 17 different candle color variations in total. To repaint a candle, you need to combine it with a dye in a workbench.

Spyglass and amethyst

In Minecraft 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17, the player has the opportunity to observe what is happening in the distance. To achieve this, he can use a telescope. And also, To obtain this item, you must use two copper ingots and one amethyst shard.


To obtain amethyst, the player will have to go down into the caves. Here he can find <span style=”background-color: #ffff00;”>an amethyst geode</span>. This structure consists of three layers: outer, middle, and inner.


It is in the inner layer that the amethyst itself can be obtained. You only need to get this precious material with an iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe.

Minecraft 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17 Download

Name Cave Update
Version 1.17.20, 1.17.10 and 1.17
OS Android
Язык Русский
Производитель Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live +
License Free
File APK

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