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OnePlus 9 Pro Review – Deals, Design, Display, and More
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OnePlus 9 Pro Review – Deals, Design, Display, and More

The OnePlus 9 Pro is finally a flagship from the make that we can enthusiastically recommend, thanks to a massively better camera system, along with capable performance. It is a lovely display and impressively fast charging, ticking all the boxes that a premium Android smartphone should at a premium value.


  • True-to-life camera
  • Excellent display
  • Great ergonomics
  • Incredible charging speeds


  • Average battery life
  • Telephoto lens
  • Expensive

OnePlus 9 Pro Deals

  • OnePlus has always meant to play in the big league, but it would get close each season but fall short.
  • With the OnePlus 9 Pro, the business charges onward with a laser focus on being amongst the market’s best phones by offering significantly improved camera knowledge.
  • OnePlus distinguishes how to make a great phone and prove its mettle multiple times in the past. Things are no dissimilar this time, as the OnePlus 9 Pro is a proper complete package that makes it calmer to recommend with no major shortcomings.
  • Of course, those promotions also mean that the OnePlus 9 Pro is the most expensive Chinese company offering by a mile.
  • As always, the phone nails the basics, especially on the hardware front. Consecutively of the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset with oodles of fast storing and RAM.
  • The OnePlus 9 Pro is as decent as belongings get on the Android side of things when it comes to presentation.
  • Things are great on the outside, as the phone offers a very excellent design that feels uniform and unified in all the right ways. It’s even healthier on the front with the new show that is bright, clear, colorful and very flat.
  • There are some new accompaniments here as well, which make the content ingesting experience even healthier. To top things off, we, too, get a dual speaker setup for stereo output.
  • Our main issue with the OnePlus 9 Pro is its battery life: it is strictly average. You might get a full day’s worth of juice, but anything more will be a give. Thankfully, it covers up crushed by offering the fastest wired and wireless charging that we’ve seen.
  • Most importantly, the phone finally proposals a legit flagship-grade photography experience, thanks to new computer hardware and a partnership with Hasselblad on the package front.
  • Combined, the OnePlus 9 Pro can create beautiful results that are very accurate in terms of colour rendition, temperature and dynamic range. All of that holds for the ultra-wide lens, which is not something we use to seeing on smartphones.

OnePlus 9 Pro Price in India

  • Launched on March 23 in India, the OnePlus 9 Pro originates in two variations. The base 8GB + 128GB variant priced at Rs 64,999 while the higher-end 12GB + 256GB perfect will set you spinal by Rs 69,999. Colour choices comprise Morning Mist, Pine Green and Stellar Black.
  • The first sale on Amazon. will take place on April 1. SBI credit cardholders will be eligible for a Rs 4,000 instant discount.
  • The OnePlus 9 Pro now contends with the premium segment’s best phones at a price higher than ever before, such as the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 and Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 11 Ultra.

Design of OnePlus 9 Pro

  • Upon first glance, the OnePlus 9 Pro determination look very similar to other recent smartphones from the make. Once again, we bent back with a rectangular camera case in the corner and an extensive screen on the front.
  • Likened to the OnePlus 8 Pro from last day, the phone is a lot more contented to wield, thanks to reducing size on all three battle-axes. At just 8.7mm profuse and a sub-200 gram weight, it can today fit in far more pockets and purses without getting clumsily painful.
  • This year, we also get three new surfaces to choose from – and all of them seem rather classy. We tried the Morning Mist variant, which has a glossy silver finish that inclines to a mirror-like surface towards the bottom.
  • Apart from that, there’s a Pine Green color way with a matte finish (similar to the iPhone 12 Pro) and a Stellar Black variant with a rough texture, similar to the OnePlus One’s sandstone back.
  • While Gorilla Glass protects the back, our unit previously has a visible scuff on the back with just weeks of use.
  • Holding everything composed is a stainless steel frame that mixtures seamlessly with the front and the back. On the left is the capacity rocker, while the right advantage has the power key and the alert slider. OnePlus lasts to be the only Android smartphone maker to offer a direct shortcut to change audio profiles quickly.

Display of OnePlus 9 Pro

oneplus 9 pro

  • The improved in-hand experience is a spinoff of the new display. They are now spanning 6.7-inches across with a 20.1:9 aspect ratio.
  • The OnePlus 9 Pro’s Super AMOLED show curves gently on the sides, beautifully balancing biotechnology and accidental traces.
  • With a resolve of 1440 x 3216 and 1,300 nits of maximum brightness, visuals would always pop out with outstanding dynamic range, sharpness and vitality. 10-bit colour depth and HDR10+ will revenue the knowledge further, but those differences are relatively incremental, at the smallest for now.
  • We’d have enjoyed the auto-brightness to be a little more hostile instead of slowly transitioning between situations and flexing its 8,192 levels of adjustment.
  • You also have the option to allow MEMC and force regular content to be displayed at higher revive rates.
  • While OnePlus was 1 of the first smartphone makers to jump on the high refresh degree bandwagon.
  • The OnePlus 9 Pro receipts things a stage further by contributing to a Smart 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Using an LTPO panel, the show can automatically regulate its refresh rate on the fly founded on the content being displayed, preserving power wherever likely.

Performance of OnePlus 9 Pro

  • As always, the OnePlus 9 Pro energies with the very best hardware that is now available, with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It isn’t easy to get it to slow down, even with heavy gaming or editing. Day to day operations is a piece of cake.
  • Along with that, you become 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, with the storage acting as extra virtual memory if wanted.
  • While you’re unlikely to notice a difference between the two, keep in mind that the amount of RAM will control how much storage you get.
  • If 128GB is not sufficient for you, you will have to spring for the 12GB + 256GB variant. There’s no storage growth via micro SD possible to strategy your acquisition accordingly.
  • Unsurprisingly, the OnePlus 9 Pro flies through everything thrown at it. Apps are quick to open. Gratified stays in memory for hours, games load quickly and run well. There were close to no impairments in our time with the device.
  • In India, it will provide the N41 and N78 SA and NSA 5G bands.
  • It is also 5G-ready for whenever the networks become available. Cellular reception on Jio 4G was excellent through our testing, as was the Wi-Fi performance.
  • The earpiece grille appears to be rather difficult to position, as we often struggled to get lurid. And clear calling experience, especially in noisier localities.
  • We did express some Bluetooth connectivity constancy issues, but that is likely due to our unit’s pre-production software. This section will update if and when the corporation brings forth updates to fix the problem.
  • The phone would provide warmth up while wireless charging, and on one occasion, it got so warm that the camera would not let us clack any pictures.

The Battery of the OnePlus 9 Pro

  • OnePlus’ insistence on pursuing better biotechnology in its place of larger batteries is well-known by now.
  • The weakest opinion of the OnePlus 9 Pro experience is its battery life. The 4,500mAh pack proposals an average backup that is informal to kill by the end of the day.
  • Most of our challenges do at Full HD+ resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate would give nearby 4 to 5 hours of screen-on time with moderate use.
  • Thankfully, it somewhat makes up for that by offering some of the fastest charging speeds we see on any smartphone.
  • With Warp Charge 65T using the included charger, the phone can go from empty to full in fair about 35 minutes.
  • Further, there’s also support for 50W wireless accusing, which removed about 45 minutes for a refuel.
  • The base can also use for other plans as it also supports 45W USB Power Delivery and PPS.

The Camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro

oneplus 9 pro

  • OnePlus smartphones had always lagged behind the other top-end Android smartphones when it came to cameras. With the OnePlus 9 Pro, the company vicissitudes become a proper flagship with no major weak links in many ways.
  • This has been achieved by using new devices for the primary and ultra-wide cameras. And help from Hasselblad’s legendary camera company for the processing bit.
  • We’re glad to report that the developments in colour accuracy. And the temperature is huge, beating its forerunners and most of the competition.
  • The main camera is a 48MP f/1.8 unit, using the new 1/1.43-inch Sony IMX789 sensor. It takes fantastic images with unbelievable dynamic range, a beautiful focus roll-off, and true-to-life colours.
  • It focuses very quickly and is much closer to the shoot-and-forget territory previously engaged lone by iPhones and Pels.
  • In altogether light circumstances, the telephone attained identical colours in a normal concrete method. You might even feel that they absence oomph because of a comparatively lower fullness and contrast. With the inclusion of 12-bit RAW imprisonment, you get even more skill to tweak the images advanced.
  • Unlike most different phones where the ultra-wide lens is an addition. The OnePlus 9 Pro opts for what is perhaps the best wide-angle camera on the marketplace.
  • Using a large 1/1.56-inch 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor with a freeform lens. It achieves imprisonment images with heaps of detail, lengthways with a high level of colour sameness with the main camera.
  • Moreover, there’s close to no barrel misrepresentation around the edges, which is a first.

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Review OnePlus 9 Pro Review – Deals, Design, Display, and More.

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