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Sonos Move Reviews – Price, Design, Features, and More

Sonos move truly has a smart speaker for every occasion. The Beam soundbar and Playbase chatterer and TV attitude bowled into one both intended to enhance your viewing experience.

Then there’s the fantastic-sounding Play:5, which cartons a hit and the One, a top smart speaker choice.

The brand even claims bookshelves and lamps now, cheers to its recent teamwork with Ikea. The missing piece of this puzzle? There’s no outdoor speaker.

But that altered with Sonos launched the Move – and (spoiler alert) it’s now our best Bluetooth speaker – faultless for both indoor and outdoor listening.

The Sonos Move proposals on-the-go Bluetooth play and integrates with a multi-room networked speaker system over Wi-Fi.

In this way, it’s got most of a regular Sonos’ functionality, along with the beautiful ability to untether it after a power supply, cheers to an internal battery.

Price and Availability Sonos Move

The Sonos Move expired on sale on September 24, costing $399 / £399 / AU$649.

That’s costly for a portable speaker – but this isn’t your average Bluetooth boombox, making it problematic to place alongside any direct competition.

Few portable speakers, even those with keen assistants built-in, have as rich a feature-list as the Sonos Move so that advanced price tag is more easily justified.

Design Sonos Move

Sonos products command a high price label, and the Sonos Move is no different.

But it engineered to within an inch of its life to justify the claim on your hard-earned cash.

It’s very much in the style of preceding Sonos models. You have a black speaker with a metal front grille, with capacitive playback control buttons. Along the top alongside an array of four far-field mics.

You’ll discovery a power button, a Bluetooth / Wi-Fi toggle button, and a multi-room pairing button around the rear.

In the audio guts’ footings, the Sonos Move uses two Class-D digital loudspeakers, one downward-firing tweeter for anticyclones. And one mid-woofer integrated into the cabinet for mid-range bass.

Sonos has constructed the enclosure cutaway to be booming and balanced from all angles – the outside world knows no boundaries, after all.

As a portable product, it vigorously tests for durability. Sonos also claims that it can withstand excesses of cold and heat.

So whether your gathering is in the desert or the middle of a snowstorm, the Sonos Move must have you covered.

It’s IP56 rated, meaning it’ll endure a coating with sand or dust, as well as a drop into a swimming pool.

There are even run-off channels within the casing for water to drain out through.

While Sonos claims that a concrete slab broke before the speaker even took a dent during drop tests.

That’ll be down to its weight, we’d envisage. Standup 240 x 160 x 126 mm, it’s movable, but it’s not minor.

At close to 3kg, you can boost the Sonos Move with ease, but you wouldn’t want to carry it around for too long.

That’s a need for the large driver magnets in place here, and it’s a fair trade to make for the audio excellence that’s delivered.

The ease the load, the casing has a concave handle gap on the rear to make carrying it around a little easier.

Smart Features of Sonos Move

Sonos has an extended heritage in connected and wireless audio. And just since this is its primary effort at going portable, that doesn’t mean it’s dropping any of that connectivity.

Like other Sonos speakers, the Move can work in a stereo pairing or as part of a multi-room group. If you need the Move to play in the garden the same tunes.

It is live away in your home over a Sonos system. It’ll do so without missing a beat.

The Sonos Move will work with all connected audio sources, online or stored on a local network.

If you need to fire up a playlist on Spotify utilizing Spotify Connect, that’s just as simple in-app as live something you’ve torn to a networked storage device yourself.

Just fire up the Sonos app, and when set up and linked to the internet, all your sources appear over Wi-Fi.

Move out of a variety of a Wi-Fi connection, and you’ve Bluetooth to fall spinal happening. It’s the 4.2 type of the connectivity regular, rather than the newer 5.0.

Still, Sonos claims its experience with the 4.2 version of Bluetooth has let it eke more power-saving and range capabilities out of 4.2 than ever before.

While it’s not quoting variety for either its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections.

It’s merely stating that “if you can catch it, you can control it”.

Four Wi-Fi antennas sit dotted around the Move’s base, with the Bluetooth module situated on top to give the best coverage possible.

AirPlay 2 is also reinforced, for the Apple-device contingent out there.

Audio Performance of Sonos Move

The Sonos Move doesn’t sound similar to a portable speaker. Suppose you’re acquainted with the Sonos variety for the home. This will set amid the Sonos One and the Play:5, not fair footings of volume, but also loyalty.

The mid-range driver suggestions forceful and space-filling low end, even when rival with the audibility of a wide-open space.

Simultaneously, there’s no drop off in vocal clarity that can often occur with lesser portable speakers. The Sonos Move is very abundant a match for the Sonos home range, but let moveable thanks to its battery.

We put the Sonos Move done its paces with a menagerie of songs, musical styles, and in a variety of different locations.

Kelis’s electro-pop banger ‘Acapella’ shows the Sonos Move to handle what few other Bluetooth speakers can.

Tight and punchy bass, shimmering anticyclones and a lilting vocal that cuts finished it all with direct clearness.

‘Orange Crush’ after R.E.M’s album Green was a decent test of the Sonos app’s EQ options, hire you to dial-up and down triple and bass settings.

The lo-fi track naturally favours a cardsharp top-end, but dialling up the EQ bass convincingly gives way a little more warmth than its neutral recorded sound offers.

With its exposed vocals, Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Bones’, swinging guitars. And jazzy band accompaniment offered a surprisingly adept soundstage from the portable speaker.

Kiwanuka’s voice and guitar sit notably in front of a sashaying brushed drumkit, twinkling piano lines and stabs or spotless electric guitar all around him. It’s almost like existence in the same room as the group.

The Verdict of Sonos Move

Having waited the extended for a Sonos portable speaker. The business had to pull something singular out of the bag, and it has.

There’s flexibility now with the Sonos Move regarding how it can be used, from on-the-go portable playback to being part of an in-the-home multi-room set-up.

It’s disappointing that the possibility to use the Sonos Move as part of a home-cinema surround sound set-up isn’t here. But overall, colour us impressed.

With its powerful driver and full admission to the Sonos software ecosystem, what you’re receiving here is a full-blown Sonos home speaker, which fair so occurs to be movable.

Not that the portability is an addition – battery life, carrying handles. And durability explanation for that – but it’s the detail that the Sonos Move can grip.

It’s own with powered home speakers (smart helpers and all) not lose out that impresses the most. That price tag will sting initially, but what the Sonos Move offers more than makes up for it.

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