The former World Championship Tennis

Currently, the ATP is the entity that governs all major male tennis competitions in the entire world. At this moment 1xBet is popular online bookmaker, and it also allows its members to wager on tons of tournaments organized by the ATP.

However, this unification under the ATP is a relatively new occurrence. Prior to 1990, there were several tennis organizations tasked with organizing competitions for the best players in the world. One of the most important of these entities was the World Championship Tennis, also known as WCT. The 1xBet website is a popular online bookmaker which features wagers on excellent tennis players who participate in plenty of competitions.

Popularizing the sport

The idea of establishing World Championship Tennis emerged in 1967. Here a businessman and sports promoter called David Dixon decided to create a brand new entity that could organize attractive and popular matches. While waiting for other great tennis matches, you can go to and try and win with some of its fantastic games.

The incentives were quite attractive. In general, any tennis player could join this entity and in exchange, all of them would be promised a base amount of money plus prizes. There were many names that were convinced by this formula, such as:

  • Dennis Ralston;
  • Arthur Ashe;
  • Roger Taylor;
  • and John Newcombe.

The 1xBet website features the best tennis players from all over the world. In 1970 the WCT had an almost exponential growth after absorbing the National Tennis League, which used to be one of its main competitions.

Mergers and dissolution

The relationship between World Championship Tennis and the ILTF (the predecessor to the ITF) was far from easy. You can find bet live stream now on, which allows you to watch what is happening on the best tournaments organized by the ITF.

In the first years of the WCT’s existence, its players were allowed to participate in ILTF competitions too. However, in 1972, the entity that governed worldwide tennis decided to ban all members of the World Championship Tennis after a series of confrontations.

Yet, both entities quickly realized that a conflict did more harm than good to their interests. After a series of bans and unification attempts, the WCT finally dissolved in 1990. All its players and tournaments were absorbed by the ATP. At this moment, on the 1xBet website, you can find great live streamings now, which are the perfect companion to the bets that you can perform.

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