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22 Jun 2022

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User Research: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

User Research: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

User research is one of the most important components in the product design process. It is used to create a deeper understanding of your target audience and their needs so that you can build a better app or website.

This article will discuss what it is, as well as why you should do it.

What It is

It is a process used in the manufacturing and design industry to improve products or persuade customers to buy a particular product. It involves analyzing user behavior, needs, and desires concerning a product.

For example, if you are developing an app for iOS devices, you would need to research the needs of iPhone/iPad users and what they expect from a mobile application.

Reasons for Doing It

1. To Understand Your Users Better

The overall purpose of user research is to build a better product or service. You need to get to know your users to create a product that will satisfy their needs and wants.

What better way to do this than having them in your own office? It is a great opportunity for you to get to know your potential customers before they ever buy your product.

2. To Find Out What is Missing in Your Product

It can help you find out what your customers want and need when it comes to your product. You can use their feedback and suggestions to build a better product for them. The way to do this is to interview them, listen to their ideas, and even take notes.

This will help you get to know your users better, and they will give you valuable feedback.

3. To Create a Better Product

It can be used to work on innovative ideas and even create a better product.

You are just trying out new things for your product or service to grow into something that the market wants. Through this process, you can meet your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

4. To Avoid Wrong Ideas

The process will help you avoid wrong ideas when it comes to products and services. When you try to develop a new product or service, you need to get feedback from your users.

This will save you money in the long run and help you find out which product will work best for your customers.

You can avoid implementing features that your customers will not want and work on improving your existing product. If you already have a product, this process can help you find out what you need to improve.

5. To Create a Better User Experience

Finally, it can help you to create a better user experience. You can plan out which ideas will work best for your users and put them into action.

This will ensure that your product is easy for people to use and understand and gives them a great experience. You will be able to build a product that your customers will love and want to use.


User research is a great way to improve your product or service and get to know your target customers better. Many good ideas can come from this process, and you will create a product that will make your users happy.


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