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Valuable Tips to Store Your Vehicle Long Term

In the year of 1885, the first car was engineered by Karl Benz. What started as a simple means of getting from one point to another without the use of animal help has blossomed into an industry that is worth over $20 trillion globally. In the United States alone, the vehicle industry makes upwards $545 billion annually, so it is safe to say, we humans love our cars, trucks, and SUVs. No matter what you choose to drive, it is an investment and keeping it safe from harm is your priority.

We all have our everyday vehicles we drive to and from work, but the most enthusiastic vehicle owners tend to go a step further and maintain vehicles they drive on special occasions. These vehicles have been lovingly restored and taken care of by their owners and such love and care needs special treatment and proper storage. Here are some expert tips on keeping your car safe and storing it correctly.

Car Covers at All Times

Sometimes, it is just fun to drive your special car on a road trip or to a special event and when you are taking your baby out of the garage for a little excitement on the roadway, never forget to bring along a quality built car cover for the journey. Along the road, you will be spending the night in various locations and no matter where you go, you need to ensure optimal protection for your vehicle.

Car covers can be purchased in general styles and sizes for most vehicles, but for those who desire ultimate protection while they rest, a custom made car cover specifically designed for the make and model of the vehicle is essential. Covers made specifically for the car will fit snuggly and offer maximum protection. Car covers are convenient ways to protect your vehicle from onlookers who could potentially scratch the pain while viewing the car or debris that might fall from trees or areas with high winds. You cannot always have a garage available to store your vehicle while on a road trip, but a high quality car cover can certainly protect the vehicle when you stop to rest.

Rarely Used Vehicles Should Be Stored in Special Places

Homeowners who do not have a committed space at home to properly store their classic car, truck, or motorcycle should invest in a high quality storage unit. Off site storage facilities come in a range of styles and sizes to fit your individual needs. General storage units protect the vehicle from wind and weather while providing a secure place for storage. However, general storage for long periods of time can be hazardous if you live in an area prone to high humidity. Leather and cloth seating can begin to harbor mold and mildew leading to potential long term, costly damage.

Climate controlled storage units are not just for storing household and smaller goods. Many facilities offer long term, climate controlled vehicle storage to help maintain the integrity of your vehicle and keep it free of potential damage from humidity issues. However, whether you choose climate controlled storage units or standard storage facilities for vehicle storage, regularly check on your vehicle to ensure sensitive fabrics and interiors maintain their integrity.

Surveillance Cameras in Driveways and Garages

One of the best things about storing your vehicle in a secure storage facility is the use of high end security cameras. Storage facilities have a lot stored on their property and they will do whatever it takes to ensure your items are safe from potential thieves. However, that option is not always available to the average homeowner. Thieves often target homes with specialized vehicles in the drive way and they will stake out homes to determine if security measures are being taken to keep the vehicle safe. Homes without available security features are significant targets for thieves, so to avoid the potential for theft of your precious vehicle, invest in security equipment for your driveway.

Security cameras have become more sophisticated and affordable than ever before. Position your security camera high above the garage or driveway and ensure you have a full scope view of the area directly above your vehicle and around it. Many of the newer security cameras are conveniently controlled by Wi-Fi technology that can be accessed by your smartphone. This gives you the ability to maintain a close eye on your vehicle at all times and, in the event the vehicle is stolen, you have a higher likelihood of getting it back. A picture, or video is certainly worth a thousand words in the case of securing your vehicle.

Prep Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage

Storing your vehicle for a long period of time is often necessary. Your classic car, truck, or motorcycle is too valuable to be used on a daily basis and when you want to keep it for many years to come, storing it properly is essential. When you do store a vehicle for long term storage, take a few pieces of advice from expert car owners.

It is recommended that you fill your vehicle with high octane fuel even if you tend to buy the cheaper stuff. The higher octane fuel will protect the gas from gelling and potentially ruining your engine components. Additionally, top off all fluids to ensure no condensation leaks into the engine or interior components. As an extra measure of defense, you should also cover your vehicle while in storage to protect the paint job.

Experts also recommend taking your vehicle out for a short drive at least once every few months. Doing so will strengthen your vehicle’s defenses and prevent interior engine components from seizing up and potentially damaging the entire vehicle.

Your vehicle is like your best friend and such an important item needs to be well maintained and properly stored. Ensure you can keep your vehicle for many years to come with these tips to keep it safe and sound while in storage.

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