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Video – Definition, How to Clear Video History on Watch, and More
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Video – Definition, How to Clear Video History on Watch, and More

Video Definition

Video means a recorded image or movie, like a home video of your uncle’s wedding. Or the video gear a television station usages to make news stories.

You can also noise a movie you watch on your television or computer a video. A short film made to convoy a song? That’s a music video.

The video first uses in 1935 as a counterpart to audio which labels sound or music. It comes from the Latin word video.

How to Clear Video History on Watch {Step by Step}?


Before receiving to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to delete video history on Watch, it is necessary to make an essential premise about how videos’ history played on Facebook works.

You should know that by accessing the Watch Facebook section from the collaborative network’s official request for Android and iPhone / iPad devices, the choice is obtainable in Chronology.

It allows you to see all the videos played on your own, regardless of the time of visualization dedicated to them. However, in this section, as you may notice, there is no option to delete videos.

To continue with the elimination of the videos in the playback history, both from mobile phones.

And tablets and PCs, you must access the Activity Log section of the social network.

All your account activities are noticeable, such as creating content, posting comments and, indeed, playing videos.

From the archive in question, it is possible to delete a single video from the history of videos seen on the Watch and, only from a PC, even delete the entire account.

It will also help you know that the deleted videos will also remove from the History section by Watch.

However, you should know that your account activity log only lists the videos that have been watched in full (or almost).

But there is no trace of the videos that have been played only for a few moments.

It means that, at least at the time of writing this guide, videos started without watching will be shown in the Playback History section of the Facebook app. Still, they cannot delete as they are not visible in the Record section exercise.

The only solution you have in these bags is to complete the viewing (or continue playing for almost the entire duration) and then delete the movie in question from the past.

How to Clear Video History Seen on Watch?

The procedure to erase the history of videos seen on the Watch is quick and easy, using the Facebook request for mobile phones and tablets and from a PC.

Either way, all you have to do is access the Activity Log section of your account. Select the option to see the complete list of videos viewed on Facebook and delete those of interest.

1. From Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • To view and erase the history of videos played on Watch from mobile phones and tablets.
  • Start the Facebook application by tapping its icon (the white “F” on a blue background ).
  • And, if you have not done so already, log into your account. Enter the details in the Phone number or email address and Password fields and tap the Login button.
  • At this opinion, press the ☰ button (top right if you have an Android device, bottom right if you use an iPhone / iPad ). Select the Settings and privacy option in the menu that opens, and touch the Settings item.
  • In the new screen that appears, locate the Your information on Facebook section and click on the Activity log option, to see all your recent activity on Facebook.
  • Now, touch the filters item, at the top left, select the Category option and, in the new screen that appears, click the Actions. Other logged activities items > Videos you watched, to see the history of videos you have seen on Facebook, including those played on Watch.
  • To delete a single video from history, locate the video in question, press its three-dot icon, and first-rate the Delete option from the menu that seems.
  • If, on the other hand, you intend to delete all the history, I regret to tell you that it is not likely to do so through the Facebook application.
  • The only solution at your disposal is to manually delete all the videos played or delete the history from your computer.

2. From Pc

  • If you prefer to delete the past of videos seen on Facebook Watch from Pc, linked to the top page of the famous social network.
  • If you have not done so already, log in to your account.
  • Now, clack on the downward pointing arrow icon visible near the first name and choice the Activity Log option from the blackboard that opens.
  • On the new screen that seems, tap the Other item in the left sidebar and select the Videos you watched option.
  • It views the history of videos on Facebook and all related statistics, such as the movie title. And the date of reproduction.
  • At this point, to delete a solitary video from the history, click the Edit button (the round icon ) for the movie in question. And select the Delete option from the context menu.
  • If, on the contrary, you want to erase all history, click on the option Delete the account of watched videos, at the top, click the button Clear the history of videos.

How to Delete Saved Videos on Watch?

If you intend to delete the videos you have saved on Facebook, you can directly access the Watch section of the famous social network.

1. From Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • To see the list of videos saved on the Watch, take your smartphone/tablet, launch the Facebook application, press the ☰ button.
  • And tap the item Watch Video on the new screen that is displayed.
  • Now, click on the little man’s icon, at the top right, select the item Saved videos from the menu.
  • It is proposed to you (to see the list of all the previously saved videos).
  • Locate the video you want to remove from the list in question. Then press the three-dot icon, choose the Delete option from saved videos.
  • Alternatively, you can also delete a video saved in Watch from the Saved Items section of your Facebook account.
  • To do this, press the ☰ button, choose the Saved items to option in the proposed menu. And, in the new screen that appears.
  • Tap the Show all control, to see the complete list of content saved on Facebook.
  • Once this, click on the option and select the Video item in the menu that opens, to see only the saved videos.
  • Press the three-dot icon for the movie you want to remove from the list. And select the Remove from saved items to remove the video in question.

2. From Pc

  • To delete a video that you have previously added to the Videos Saved by Pc Watch list.
  • It connected to the main Facebook page, log in to your account (if you have not already done so).
  • And press the Watch item in the left sidebar.
  • In the new screen, that seems, click on the Saved Videos option. Press the three-dot icon related to the movie of your interest.
  • And choose the Delete video from saved items option in the menu that opens, to delete the video in question from your list of saved videos.
  • Besides mobile phones and tablets, even from a PC, it is possible to delete a video saved on the watch by accessing the Saved items section.
  • To do this, energy to the Home page of your Facebook account, find the Explore section in the left sidebar. Tap the Other item and select the Saved Items option.


Now choose the Video voice through the All drop-down menu. It locates the video you want to delete from the saved videos, click on the relative icon three dots.

Finally, select the Delete option from the saved items from the menu that appeared on the screen. And click the Okay button, to confirm your intention and delete the video in question.

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