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World Flipper Write For Us

World Flipper Write For UsWorld Flipper combines RPG elements and pinball-centric gameplay with retro-style 2D pixel art. Game units belong to one of six elements, each of which activates a special ability.

As players gather resources, assemble new teams, and increase their strength, the nearly endless combinations of characters, abilities, and weapons create a dazzling array of tactics that can be combined and combined. In count to the story, there are special events, daily dungeon challenges, and exciting boss fights for up to three employers at the same time.

Those who pre-register on the World Flipper website will receive in-game rewards, including the powerful 4-Star Arisa Unit and Lodestar Beads (in-game currency) if certain pre-registration steps are completed. Players can also pre-register on the App Store and Google Play for additional benefits.

Kakao Games and Cygames are launching World Flipper today with pre-registration

Therefore,  Korean publisher Kakao Games and the Japanese development studio Cygames are teaming up again after their first collaboration in 2019 to create the successful anime role-playing game Princess Connect! to bring to market. Now they’re bringing us the much-anticipated World Flipper, a mobile RPG, and today they’re opening their previous list on Google Play and the App Store before the game premieres this summer.

World Flipper offers us the perfect combination of the best RPG elements with pinball dynamics and retro 2D graphics. Each of the fonts in the game belongs to one of six elements and has unique abilities. Players can collect resources, add new characters to their squad, and maximize their power with an endless mix of heroes, and skills. And also,  support characters, weapons, and upgrades that allow you to use endless tactics as you see fit. In addition to the main plot, the game offers events, daily dungeon missions, and challenging boss fights for up to three players.

Pinball Machines in the World | Trailer for pre-registration

Those who register on the World Flipper site today will receive in-game rewards such as: In addition, players can also register in the App Store or Google Play Store for additional benefits.

Join brave and diverse heroes in mysterious worlds to fight the forces of evil at the push of a button. Epic pinball adventures are waiting for you!

Download World Flipper PC in English

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