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Blog Post – Illinois Secretary of State Services and Objectives
Technology – Illinois Secretary of State Services and Objectives

About is the Illinois Secretary of State’s office was headed by Jesse White, who was elected to the position in 1998. maintains a database of nearly 9 million drivers and more than 10 million registered motor vehicles in the state of Illinois.

Illinois drivers know Clerk Jesse White’s office as the place to get a driver’s license or license plate, register for organ donation, obtain vehicle and driver registrations, and more., this guide is designed to help Illinois residents find their nearest Secretary of State facility.

We can use online services, locate the documents needed to obtain a driver’s license or register a vehicle, and more.

What is Ilsos?

The Illinois Secretary of State is one of six nationally elected executive posts in the Illinois government and one of 47 United States secretaries of state.

The Illinois Secretary of State administers the state’s records, statutes, libraries and archives and is the state’s commercial, vehicle and driver licensing authority.

The Secretary of State exercises other statutory duties. The secretary oversees the state archive and the state library.

Also, the Secretary of State is third in line (after the Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General) in the office of Governor of Illinois.

By law, the Illinois Secretary of State is charged with issuing licenses to Illinois-registered motor vehicles and their drivers.

Therefore, the  Office of the Secretary of State effectively becomes the Department of Motor Vehicles, although that phrase is not much in use in Illinois.

Find A Location Of The Illinois Foreign Secretary

There are dozens of Secretary of State facilities throughout the state of Illinois. From Chicago to Carbondale, find a driver service near you.

Use the official facility finder to find the location near you!


Illinois Driver Education – Adults in Illinois can complete driver education requirements in as little as 6 hours.

This online course can be completing from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

How to Get Your Illinois Driver’s License: A step-by-step guide to getting your induction permit and driver’s license in Illinois.

New Illinois Driver’s Guide – If you are looking to get your first driver’s license or are new to the state of Illinois, be sure to check out this helpful guide from ILSOS.

Auto Insurance Requirements: Illinois drivers must meet the state’s minimum requirements for mandatory auto insurance.

Drivers must maintain proof of insurance when operating a vehicle. Learn more at

Organ donation registry: More than 120,000 people are waiting for a transplant in the United States, with 22 people dying every day waiting for a donor. Sign up today to give the gift of life!

However to change your gender on your driver’s license: It’s relatively easy to change your gender on your driver’s license in Illinois.

Therefore, follow these steps to update your license to reflect the gender you identify with


Title and Registration Summary – Everything you need to know about registering your vehicle and obtaining a title in the State of Illinois.

Title and Registration Application: The Electronic Title and Registration (ERT) system significantly speeds up the vehicle transaction process.

Also, Find out everything you need to know, including fees and required documents

However, Expedited Title Service – Do you need your title urgently?

Also,, ILSOS offers an expedited service that allows you to close a deal tomorrow for a small fee.

Therefore, Vehicle History: Buy a vehicle history report to help you find a reliable vehicle!

Then, Commercial and Farm Trucks: Learn everything you need to know about commercial and farm vehicle registration.

Also, it is ncluding license plates, truck use taxes, truck fees and more.

Then, Change of address – All drivers must notify ILSOS of any change of address within 10 days.

Also, Update your address on your driving license and register online


Illinois License Plate Overview: A Complete Guide to Maintaining, Renewing, and Adjusting Illinois License Plates.

Registration Renewal – Renew your registration online.

Pick-a-Plate: Want a vanity? Learn more about custom license requirements and fees

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