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Apple HomePod Full Reviews – Price, Availability, and More
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Apple HomePod Full Reviews – Price, Availability, and More

The Apple HomePod isn’t just a bizarre device and a reliable, smart speaker option. Still, it represents the tech giant’s changing focus over the past decade – from the golden age of the iconic iPod right up to the latest and greatest iPhone models.

While it recently joins by the cheaper Apple HomePod Mini, there’s no indication that the original smart speaker will discontinue soon. It even gives an update that transports spatial acoustic to the smart speaker, working in 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos.

That’s non the only new eye. The Apple HomePod can now dual up as an intercom system for your home, hire your direct voice messages to other HomePods, iPhones, iPads, and level AirPods.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Siri voice accuracy is high.
  • The attractive, understated design


  • Siri is limited
  • No Bluetooth streaming
  • Apple Music subscription wanted for a worthwhile experience.
  • Design and audio performance
  • Siri, smart home, and verdict

Apple HomePod Price and Availability

  • As intimated, the HomePod price isn’t an inexpensive speaker – the value at introduction was a hefty $349 / £319 / AU$499. And the speaker started shipping on February 9, 2018, in designated territories across the world.
  • That means, at presentation, it was one of the most luxurious smart speakers on the market – and indeed the most costly mainstream choice.
  • But Apple is hoping to justify that value by embedding Siri confidential and offering premium-quality audio too.
  • However, you can typically find it cheaper these times, hovering around the $299 / £279 / AU$469 mark.
  • The Apple HomePod is so, healthy, Apple in the method you’ll usage it. As with the AirPods, hold your phone near the unit, and your receiver will send over your Apple ID and Apple Music favourites. And fill in all the long-winded Wi-Fi passwords that you’re proud you recall but thankfully don’t have to type in.
  • The set-up procedure only delayed us because we needed to upgrade to a fresher version of iOS on our iPhone. A precondition for creating the speaker work.
  • That highlights one key object about the HomePod: you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to usually it up in the first place.
  • It’s hard to see why you’d purchase this speaker without possessing one of those already. But its decorations the board spectators down right from the outset.
  • However, the set-up procedure does highlight one of the excellent features of the HomePod.
  • The healthy-looking light on the top (which goes into the multi-coloured Siri logo when you’re issue commands to it later on).
  • The whole procedure is so swift though – comparison it to the long-long-long-winded set-up procedure for the Amazon Echo or Sonos One.
  • And you’ll continue so willing that you don’t have to devote a miniature wafting your iPhone about the room to calibrate the sound levels.

Apple HomePod Design

apple homepod

  • Suppose you’re thinking of option up the HomePod, you poverty to go with both hands to start with it. That’s because this speaker is excellent, packing 2.5kg of weight into its 172mm (6.8-inch) high frame.
  • It feels a fair contract heavier than it looks, and that’s because there are so many speakers in there.
  • We’re speaking a woofer, and seven tweeters, each with its amplifier. And six microphones spread about to help choose up your voice when you’re greeting Siri.
  • And once its assignment lock-in, you’ll need to answer one more question? How are you going to run the power principle that comes out the back? It’s the only wire on this practical and the only thing that looks like a port too.
  • There’s no additional physical connectivity on the proposal, which sadly means no aux-in port for linking up a record player or other device.
  • We do not recommend insertion your HomePod in front of a passion for any length of time.
  • All you’ve got a short little speaker enclose in an ‘acoustic mesh’ designed to protect the device while hiring out as much sound as possible.
  • It looks as unremarkable as you’d imagine – there are no ornamental flourishes here.
  • And the only disruption in the mesh is on the top, where a round, reflective disc sits.
  • As we’ve mentioned, the bright light pulses signify when Siri is listening and processing instructions. It’s also where you’ll find the desirable and minus icons for adjusting the volume.
  • Pushing the speaker in contradiction of a wall brings the best audio performance.
  • It’s a disgrace there’s no haptic feedback from the buttons, but given that most of the time you’re going to be regulatory the HomePod with voice it’s not a big deal.

Apple HomePod Audio Performance

  • The audio excellence of the Apple HomePod is, to put it merely, premium. It fills a room quickly, with a clear separation between all rudiments of music tracks.
  • It’s certainly at its best when located against a wall, pulling the sounds separately well.
  • With elements such as voices coming finished with incredible breadth.
  • We’re probably all secondhand to hearing the music of numerous quality throughout our day, from poor-quality headphones to whatever speakers our TV has.
  • They are so using the HomePod will depiction many people who aren’t audiophiles to new subtleties in music that they may not have heard before.
  • You can ask Siri to recite the news or a message out when in the kitchen if you’ve got your hands full.
  • In particular, the bass is strong, but like most sounds originating from the speaker, the audio is steady, with sharp notes clipping very well.
  • We were listening to electronica, in particular, obtainable a lot of clarity. Simultaneously, bass guitar sounds brought a slight echo to the sound – those with an untrained ear, in particular, will be gusted away.
  • But it’s the synthesis of all this that’s impressive. It can hear thudding bass (a teeny bit too thudding at areas, it has to be said).
  • While at the same time treat to crystal-clear lyrics on top is a lovely knowledge.
  • Sometimes you’ll texture that things can get a little mixed together. The bass guitar can be a touch muddy or somewhat like a violin.
  • It can be effortlessly overpowered – but likened to a cheap, low-end speaker the excellence is just miles and miles ahead.
  • The HomePod is lurid too, with Siri asking if you want to do that when you ask the speaker to play at full capacity.
  • And if there are any sound belongings on a track, be it water splashing, rain, or a faux-vinyl sound, the crispness over is impressive.

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Review Apple HomePod Full Reviews – Price, Availability, and More.

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