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Digital Transformation Write For Us

Digital Transformation Write For Us

Digital transformation is the development of using digital skills to transform existing traditional and non-digital business processes and services, or to create new ones in line with changing market and customer expectations, thereby changing the way businesses are run and managed, completely changing the way value is delivered to customers.

What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

A digital transformation plan is an action plan to implement, analyze, and drive a digital transformation initiative. And also,  Your strategy defines the business goals you want to achieve through digital transformation.

An effective digital transformation strategy creates a foundation that you can support in this ever-changing process. Before you start, however, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve so that you can set KPIs that you can follow on the go.

For example, if you’re migrating users from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, your top-tier metrics for measuring acceptance are login frequency, usage, data quality, and business performance.

If so, you can dig deeper and track metrics such as:

  • Monthly sales volumes
  • Opportunities Created
  • Sales productivity (e.g. time savings, sales per employee)
  • User connection speed
  • Main account with filled key fields

A well-thought-out strategy also considers how the transformation will affect your customers and employees. Start internally by appointing change leaders who will publicly support your transformation. Giving trusted change leaders the responsibility to advertise and support the change will help gain traction. Getting regular feedback from everyone affected by the change also helps maintain momentum.

Remember to include your team’s productivity in tracking your progress. Whether you’re reporting a quantitative achievement, such as a 10% increase in user logins, or a qualitative achievement, Beth created a Slack group to answer questions about the transformation. Therefore,  It is important to mark important milestones throughout the entire process.

Customers and employees will count on the people driving transformation for the knowledge they need to succeed. And also, You must provide the necessary tools.

Different Stages of Digital Transformation

After years of interviews with digital transformation executives, Altimer published a report that identified six phases of digital transformation. Together, these six phases provide the direction for focused and results-oriented transformation initiatives.

6 stages of digital transformation

Business as usual, the status quo – the current state of your organization

Being present and active is a time of experimentation in an organization as it encourages creativity and improves digital skills.

Formalization: As experimentation becomes more focused, initiatives become clearer and you begin to seek leadership support.

Strategic – The moment groups begin to work together and share their research to create strategic transformation plans.

Convergence is the formation of a dedicated team for digital transformation that defines strategies, sets goals, and implements systems to support the transformation.

Innovative and Responsive – When digital transformation is part of the business and management puts in place a system to monitor technology and market trends so the business can keep growing.

Why Digital Transformation is Important?

It is time for companies to invest in digital strategy. And also, Customers are increasingly reliant on doing business online and looking to do business with companies that make their jobs easier. Therefore,  the use of cell phones for shopping and work is increasing rapidly.

All consumers have already used their smartphones to search for a product on the internet, often even while shopping in a store! The ability to track consumer activity across all platforms means you get precisely what they need when they need it. That makes sense, but customers expect and are prepared for this targeted marketing.

Since every customer can now order a taxi, a pizza, or a flower delivery at the energy of a button on their smartphone, they expect this convenience from every company they interact with. If your customers need to call you, wait while you flip through the diary, send the page to the nearest deliverer, and then call them back.

And also, they will no longer do business with you. They hope they can help themselves, or at least get a quick response from you. But companies can’t move that fast if they’re not digitized. You will move slowly and get stuck in red tape and paperwork until you switch to a flexible, technology-driven business environment.

Companies also Benefit from Digital Strategies

Not only are customers looking for a better way to do business that is easier, faster, and more consistent for them, but companies can also benefit significantly from updating their processes and systems. And also, In 2018, Mulesoft published a survey that found that 4 out of 5 companies will harm sales in the next year.

If they do not engage in an enterprise-wide digital transformation. The need for change is high, and the benefits are even more excellent.

Therefore, IDC estimates that new customer acquisition and new digital services for future-oriented companies will generate $ 18 trillion in additional revenue. But income is not only crucial for digital transformation.

Gartner reports that 40% of companies are excited about digitization because it can provide better tools for their employees, and 39% of companies are interested in saving money. Therefore, Digital transformation increases sales opportunities, improves employee experience, and lowers business costs. Why are you waiting

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