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OnePlus Watch Full Review – Price, Availability, and More
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OnePlus Watch Full Review – Price, Availability, and More

The OnePlus Watch is an exclusive blend of a smartwatch and a suitability tracker, bringing the decent stuff from both camps — but with some first-generation product disadvantages in terms of the execution.


  • Excellent display
  • Week-long battery
  • Call quality
  • Sleek design


  • The included band too big
  • Poor reply options
  • Limited watch faces

Two-Minute Review

  • OnePlus tells us that it had something like in mind when developing the OnePlus Watch – best topographies at a not-so-premium value.
  • It takes the best paraphernalia from full-fledged smartwatches and suitability trackers, viz. calls and notification organization from the former, and loads of training and multi-day battery-operated life the latter, and tenors them unhappy by a bit to achieve a sensible price tag.
  • However, for Rs 14,999 in India, it faces pressure from the best smartwatches from both sides.
  • Here’s what the OnePlus Watch gets correct: with a united microphone and megaphone, you can not only conduct entire calls on it, you can, but This feature is not current on most other non-smartwatches.
  • The branded operating system is buttery smooth, well-laid-out and informal to navigate through.
  • It has the typical slew of fitness topographies, including workout-tracking, pedometer, heart rate, SpO2, sleep tracking, stress levels, etc., all of which functioned well in our testing.
  • Moreover, detailed intelligence and graphs can see in the app to get a better understand.
  • The OnePlus Watch software can seem too limited as there is no access to third-party apps, little watch faces, for now, unintelligent notification replies and bugs which shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

OnePlus Watch Price in India and Availability

  • The OnePlus Watch launches on March 23, and the price in India is Rs 14,999. It will be obtainable on Amazon and Flipkart starting April 22. SBI credit card EMI transactions will qualify for a Rs 2,000 discount (suggestion valid till April 30 only).
  • There will, too, be a OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition obtainable at a later date. It has an azure blend body with a gold finish, a Sapphire display, and a vegan leather band. Pricing and availability are yet to confirm.

Design and Display of OnePlus Watch

oneplus watch

  • The OnePlus Watch is negligible in a classy way and looks pricier than it is. Our Black variant originates with a black strap and a dark grey body with a polished shine.
  • We’re fans of this method, as it is pretty informal to pair it with all types of outfits – be it at the gymnasium, unpremeditated or a formal setting.
  • Covered within is a 46mm watch face with a 1.4-inch screen, making it one of the significant smartwatches around. The display surround by a curved black bezel that blends well and offers a comfortable, smooth touch.
  • The show itself is excellent, with crisp visuals, vibrant colours and ample brightness.
  • The AMOLED tech underneath, paired with the mainly black interface, give it a perfect discreet look. We found the auto-brightness to be pretty responsive.
  • Along with the touch screen, there are two physical pushers on the right side for input. By default, the top one is to open the app drawer while the one on the bottom starts workouts.
  • Its function can customize from the settings.  The button at the 2 o’clock location has “OnePlus” etched on it, giving it some appeal and texture.
  • The touch response is excellent, and the OnePlus Watch further optimizes to run at over 50Hz on most times — most wearables in this class are closer to 30Hz.
  • While the smartwatch is undeniably significant, it isn’t too uncomfortable, thanks to the slim Z-axis profile and 45g weight. What we don’t like is the comprised strap. Made out of fluoroelastomer, it is pretty stiff and long.
  • Even the last hole will not be sufficient for skinnier people. The vertical rivulets crossways the stock strap look pretty trendy.
  • Thankfully, the OnePlus Watch uses standard 22mm bands, which can easily replace. If you have any other watch lying about, the chances are that it has the same size.
  • We used the different groups of a Realme Watch S, and those fit perfectly for this review. 22mm straps are pretty inexpensive, too, if you like to mix and match things up.

Innovative Features of OnePlus Watch

  • Usually, for a watch to be considered bright, it needs to have a properly working system such as Wear OS or Tizen.
  • The OnePlus Watch receipts a different approach by opting for a Real-time operating system (RTOS) with customizations enabled with aid from Google.
  • It is single of the only watches of its caring to initiate, accept, reject and conduct entire calls — most others only let for rejecting or silencing an incoming call.
  • It’s a nifty setup where you can weigh up to 30 contacts on the watch from the app and noise them directly.
  • The microphone and speaker on board are pretty good and sufficient for short conversations. Persons on the other end said that our voice was loud and clear but a little over-processed – likely due to some environmental noise cancellation.
  • There’s also a provision for music control, where you can switch media play on the phone via the watch. The included 2GB storage can store songs locally, so you can continue listening to music while working out, even if your phone has left behind.
  • However, the process of downloading and transferring MP3/AAC files is quite tedious, so we did not bother with it much after the initial testing. Most of the major apps are supported, but YouTube is notably absent from that list.
  • Another OnePlus Watch OS addition is the ability to reply to messages. It supports popular messaging apps, but the selection of replies is minimal.
  • While we understand that contribution exhaustive voice and type replies are possible with RTOS, there should have been more reply choices. Even something humble like a “Yes” and “No” would have been enjoyable.

The Battery of the OnePlus Watch

  • The biggest shortcoming for every full-fledged smartwatch it’s limited battery life. Most of them hardly make it to the following day, while some last for about two days.
  • Thus, OnePlus’s decision to choose for RTOS is a welcome one, taking its battery life to more than a week effortlessly, with a 402mAh battery.
  • We got about 8 days on a sole charge in our first charge cycle, with all notifications allowed and 24×7 connectivity to the phone.
  • In the next series, we added sleep SpO2 tracking and moved to continuous heart rate tracking.
  • Even then, the watch hardly lost 10-15% custody daily. Most operators will be able to get 5-6 days of juice with comfort.
  • Perhaps the only period when the battery drained quickly was when GPS following was on. But even with that, you’ll have the talent to go on for a few days.
  • If that wasn’t sufficient, the OnePlus Watch also equips with Warp Charge. Using the comprised magnetic charge, you can go from empty to complete in healthy less than an hour.
  • The company claims 5-minute custody will be sufficient to last you through the day, and that is true.

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Review OnePlus Watch Full Review – Price, Availability, and More.

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