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What is Automotive Technology? – Functions, Importance, and More

What is Automotive Technology? – Functions, Importance, and More

What is Automotive Technology?

Automotive technology is a rapidly growing field, in large part due to rapid advances in computer technology and its application to motor vehicles.

Successful automotive professionals must keep up with ever-evolving sophistication.

Functions of Automotive Technology

Automotive technology focuses on the construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of cars and trucks. It uses diesel, electric, gasoline, and alternative substances, such as ethanol, fuel or energy.

Importance of Automotive Technology

Automotive technology

Automotive technology has progressed from a primary focus on mechanical procedures and repairs to tasks.

It requires mastery of high technology, such as using computers and computer equipment to test vehicles and diagnose problems and solve problems with electronic components.

Characteristics of Automotive Technology

  1. Topics in automotive technology comprise brake systems, electrical systems, electrical cars, engine performance, four-wheel operation, fuel systems, ignition systems, and temperature control systems.
  2. Automotive Technology, without a doubt, constitutes the greatest invention of all time due to the profound impact that the automobile has produced in human lives and social and technological development, to the point of being an essential element for modern societies.
  3. Therefore, it is indubitable that, precisely, automobiles’ invention gave rise to the automotive industry.
  4. The automotive industry is amongst the most privileged sectors due to technology, demand and competition.
  5. When one automaker has a novelty and consequently a good response from the market, all other manufacturers are likely to follow suit, entering the competition.
  6. To illustrate, when airbags were introduced as a safety measure by Ford and Chrysler in the mid-1980s.
  7. All automakers also equipped their vehicles with airbags to convert this model into a standard security feature.
  8. As that the automobile market is sensitive to technological advances, this auspicious field focuses mainly on those advances that can be appreciated by the motoring public – either for its functionality or for its prices.
  9. Today, Automotive Technology is strongly focused on the development of environmentally-friendly vehicles.
  10. Due to this eco-environmental purpose, car manufacturers are currently striving to produce the first car that does not depend on traditional fuels and adequate production.

New Concept of Automotive Technology

automotive technology

  • Automotive Technology Can you believe there was once a time where you had to manually roll down your windows, put the key into the door to lock or unlock it, and then put the key into the ignition? It wasn’t all that long ago.
  • Today, advanced radar technology, electronically controlled computer systems, and alternative fuel sources have changed what mechanics see when lifting the hood.
  • Cars change so much in the past few decades changed the mechanic’s role into a technician. That’s where automotive tech comes in.

Why Study Automotive Technology?

Studying Automotive technology, in addition to being in demand today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, adding technical capabilities to the traditional nuts and bolts of the job is appealing for a variety of reasons.

1. Sustainable Pay

  • Due to the technical emphasis of the role, an automotive technician’s entry-level pay is rising, too.
  • As you add years of experience and put the time and training in to earn specific certifications, technicians can look forward to increasing their earnings.

2. Abundant Opportunities

  • I wondered if you’ll still want to be a service centre technician a few years down the road? There are many opportunities crossways automotive fields, from diesel and collision overhaul to instructing the next generation of technicians.
  • The automotive technician role is like an open door that can income you where you want to go.
  • Job security from outsourcing. Software developers, customer service representatives, and approximately manufacturing positions outsource in recent years.
  • Thanks to its hands-on nature and essential for fast reply times, this role isn’t at risk of being shipped overseas.

Automotive Technology Job Outlook

  1. The automotive industry had experienced some significant technological advancements since 2000 when the first hybrid car present.
  2. We’ve since been presented with Bluetooth, automatic parking, reversing cameras, the Tesla autopilot and more.
  3. To be sure, industry demonstrations no sign of deceleration down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics grips that some 46,000 technicians and mechanics will call on to fill roles through 2026, with job forecasts on the rise through 2028.
  4. While today’s median salary hovers around $40,000, there are reports of top-level technicians in the field making upwards of $100,000 a year. This kind of “master mechanic” status can achieve with just five years of experience.
  5. Don’t let the idea of rivalry discourage you from pursuing a degree in automotive technology.
  6. With baby boomers ageing out of the workforce and more individuals pursuing four-years degrees and jobs outside of the industry.
  7. There is an incredibly high demand for skilled automotive technicians who can help keep up with the different tech and trends coming our way.
  8. These exciting developments mainly revolve around predictive automobile technology.
  9. By this, we mean habits to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into the rich experience.
  10. Other high-tech introductions comprise autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, biometric seat technology for more secure access, automatic high-beam control, backup cameras, smart home integration, child safety technology and more.

Career Opportunities in Automotive Technology

The study of automotive technologies can present you to different careers, from diesel and crash repair to machine operator, mechanic, automotive technician and much more. Check out some more chances for automotive technicians below:

  • Automotive Service Technician;
  • Collision Repair Technician;
  • And also, Generation Technician;
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic;
  • Light Wheel Mechanic;
  • Trailer Mechanic;
  • Shop Mechanic;
  • Shop Foreman;
  • Parts Manager;
  • Quality Control Inspector;
  • Operation Supervisor;
  • And also, Tow Truck Driver.

Other fields connected to a degree in automotive technology include:

  • Automotive Repair;
  • And also, Automotive Mechanics;
  • Avionics Maintenance;
  • Diesel Mechanics;
  • Electromagnetic Engineering Technology;
  • Hydraulics & Fluid Power Technology;
  • And also Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The following industries are frequently in need of the services an automotive technician provides, counting regular service and maintenance:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Government;
  • Hospitality;
  • And also, Fire Departments.


Wondering what automotive technology is all about? Automotive Training Center has you covered. It is a program of study focusing on mechanics and technology driving today’s cars.

Pursuing it as a career can be a lucrative opportunity for those who have a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

To help you get a better impression of automotive technology and what the field entails, ATC has compiled this helpful post.

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