Excellently Add Watermark to PDF File Using GogoPDF

These days, if you post a file on the internet, others may consider stealing it from you. You can try adding a watermark to your file to avoid this issue. Watermarking safeguards the copyright of your work and ensures that it cannot be duplicated or modified without your approval. This means that people can still inspect your work before purchasing it without fear of stealing it. Watermarking can be used essentially as a branding strategy.

To protect your precious memories and simply your identity, you may choose to watermark any personal photos you share online. You have complete control over how your watermark appears, and you may use different watermarks for different file types or purposes. You can also use a watermarking  to emphasize how important your file is. Also, you can add a watermark to your PDF file using GogoPDF in the simplest and quickest steps.

Add Watermark to PDF Tool of GogoPDF

Add watermark to PDF file using GogoPDF. It’s simple and fast. GogoPDF is a web-based application that offers free watermarking services. The tool is simple and completely free to use. GogoPDF will help you watermark your files in just a few minutes. Moreover, its user-friendly features enable you to finish the process fast. GogoPDF allows you to change the text size, color, and font style.

This feature gives your watermark a more personalized feel. The application is secure and safe to use. All major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac, are supported by the GogoPDF watermark tool. It also works with nearly all browsers and versions.

GogoPDF assures that the PDF output will be at least as good as the original document. This website is a convenient and simple to use online tool. Because of its simple interface, it is the best PDF online tool for beginners. If you’re concerned about information leaking from your file, you won’t have to be when you use GogoPDF. After an hour, the system will delete all files and data you uploaded.

Methods for Adding Watermarks to PDF Files

Here are the simple steps in adding watermarks to PDF files using GogoPDF. The first part covers the gathering of all the required equipment, such as a functioning computer or smartphone. Connect your device to the internet first, and then go to GogoPDF’s main website. Upon visiting the official website of GogoPDFs, you should select “Add Watermark” from the list of features.

Transfer the PDF file that needs to be revised and make use of cutting-edge software. When you’re using a computer, you can add the file to the website by dragging and dropping it. Another option is to select a file by clicking “Select Files.” Select the file to which you want to add watermarks from your folder and upload it to the site’s uploading box.

If you do not have a computer, you can still complete the procedure with an Android phone. To transmit a PDF file from a smartphone or tablet, click the rectangular button, then choose “Select Files”. From your file storage, select the document that needs adjusting. Once the uploading process is complete, you can begin adding a watermark to your PDF files. For the watermark, you can use any text or message you want. Evaluate the options available in the location where you want to place your watermark. It could be in the center, bottom, top, or side.

Save all changes after determining where you want your text or image to appear as your watermark. After a few seconds, select the “Add Watermark” option. A strong connection can help to accelerate things. You will be able to download and use your revised PDF files once the watermarking is finished.

More Helpful Tools from GogoPDF

·   Converting Various File Formats to PDF

Use GogoPDF’s Word to PDF file conversion tool if you need to convert a Word document file to a PDF file. This tool provides the simplest method for converting your file to a PDF file. You can also use GogoPDF to convert well-known file formats such as Excel, PPT, and JPG to PDF. You can also use the same procedures to convert your PDF file to another file format.

·  Repairing Corrupted PDF Files

The digital world is becoming increasingly chaotic. When you visit an unprotected website, your device may be infected with a virus or malware. As a result, it may have an impact on your files. There is no going back once your files have been corrupted. You can either delete it or try to repair it with GogoPDF’s Repair PDF Tool. This tool employs cutting-edge technology to repair your PDF files.


Many people prefer GogoPDF for PDFs because it is a user-friendly and functional online service. It is the quickest and easiest way to add watermarks to your PD files. It does not necessitate the download and installation of an application to access all of its features. Don’t wait until your hard work is in the hands of someone else. Safeguard your proprietary information. Use GogoPDF’s Add Watermark to PDF feature to add a watermark to your PDFs.

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