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What are the Start-up Incubators? – Work, Concept, and More
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What are the Start-up Incubators? – Work, Concept, and More

What are the Start-up Incubators?

Start-up incubators focused on the companies that are being born. They are organizations created to ensure entrepreneurial projects’ success, providing all kinds of resources and business services.

And also, the physical space, such as offices and development places for our projects. Training for the entrepreneur helps him create a business plan where the market, personnel management, or work method is studied.

Strategic support  that includes advice in different areas:

  • financial,
  • accountant,
  • And also, legal,
  • commercial,
  • advertising,
  • marketing
  • And also human resources.

In many cases, they also offer us essential services such as electricity, water,  Wi-Fi and cleaning of work areas. And also, the incubators put the entrepreneur in contact with a  network of contacts that facilitates their project’s take-off.

Concept Start-up Incubators

start up incubators

  • A start-up incubator is an organization that helps develop a new business. It prevents this from having a premature failure and helps to strengthen it within the market.
  • And also, in other words, it is an excellent tool that promotes the birth of companies, offering them the necessary assistance to develop, strengthen and grow.
  • And also, the provides services that new companies cannot achieve independently, either because they do not have the necessary resources or because they are not clear about their business’s direction.
  • Thus, the technical and experienced staff assist entrepreneurs in evaluating whether their project or idea has technical, financial and market viability.

Advantages of a Start-up Incubators

  1. One of the most significant advantages that an incubator can offer to entrepreneurs is having a prepared and qualified team in all areas of their business.
  2. In this way, the company can achieve the expected results and strengthen the brand, which is essential for success.
  3. Another advantage is access to the facilities at a low cost and authority.
  4. It can be given to the entrepreneur when faced with the need for financing or external capital contribution.
  5. And also, a start-up incubator provides complete learning on the excellent development of the brand.
  6. And also, the chances of success of a company that goes through the incubation process are more significant than any other.

Stages of Start-up Incubators

1. A pre-Incubation Phase

  • The business idea is defined and conceptualized. It is crucial to determine at this stage if the project is viable.
  • And also, at all times, the entrepreneur advises in all strategic planning processes.

2. Incubation Phase

  • It usually lasts between a year and a year and a half. Are all development processes develop in the previous stage.
  • And also, following the strategic plan, prototypes generate, or pilot tests carried out. From them comes the learning to improve the business plan.

3. Post-Incubation Phase

  • Once the project executes, its monitoring and control begin. Although the business is already underway, the advisory work still applies for constant improvement.
  • And also, this support is usually maintained between six months and a year later.

What are the Most Common Start-up Incubators Services?

start up incubators

A list of the most common services on condition that by business incubators:

  • Help with business basics;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Marketing assistance;
  • High-speed Internet access;
  • Accounting/financial management assistance;
  • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs;
  • Help with presentation skills;
  • Connections to higher education resources;
  • And also, Connections to strategic partners;
  • Access to angel investors or venture capital;
  • Comprehensive business training programs;
  • Advisory boards and mentors;
  • Management team identification;
  • Help with business etiquette;
  • Technology commercialization assistance;
  • Help with regulatory compliance;
  • And also intellectual property management and legal counsel.

The Top 5 Startup Incubators In India

As part of our new series on India’s essentials, we compiled the Top 15 Accelerators in India last week.

And also, this week, we bring you a comprehensive list of the top 20 most active start-up incubators in India, along with their typical funding ranges, services offered and focus areas.

1. Amity Innovation Incubator

The Amity Innovation Incubator is a pioneering concept in the context of Indian Universities. Supported by DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI, ‘Amity Innovation Incubator ‘has earned an enviable position for itself with start-ups in a short time of its existence.

It has regularly been on top of the innovation curve. It has been recognized on platforms like ‘The Power of ideas’, Red Herring Global winner, Tata NEN and NASSCOM Innovation Awards, to name a few.

Location: Noida

And also, Founded In 2008

Focus Area: Rural Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Information and Communication Technologies (to include Social media and e-commerce, Mobile computing and technologies, Analytics, Cloud computing and Big Data), Education and Education Technologies, Food and allied Technologies, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Nano technology and Material Sciences.

Funding: Up to INR 1 Cr

Notable Start-ups:, Anduril Technologies

And also, Reach Out: Ojasvi Babber

2. AngelPrime

Location: BengaluruAngelPrime focuses on start-ups in the middle that need seed capital. It invests in not more than 3-4 companies a year.

Founded In: 2011

And also, Focus Area: Mobile internet, e-commerce and tablet/mobile app.

Funding: USD 200K- 600K

Notable Start-ups: Ezetap, HackerEarth

And also, Reach Out: Bala Parthasarathy.


Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship set up by IIM Ahmedabad with support from India and Gujarat Government’s Government and operates through an autonomous not-for-profit entity. CIIE comprises IIMA faculty, alumni and other individuals and partners with like-minded organisations to foster entrepreneurship through incubation, ecosystem development and academic initiatives.

And also, Location: Ahmedabad.

Founded In: It was founded as a research institute in 2002 and turn into a full-fledged incubation centre in 2007.

Focus Area: Information Communication Technology, Cleantech and Social

Funding: INR 20 lakhs

Notable Start-ups: Travelyaari, Innoz, Thrillophilia

And also, Reach Out: Kunal Upadhyay.

4. IAN Incubator

They established with the support of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board(NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology(DST), Govt. of India. T

he incubator helps entrepreneurs convert their ideas into becoming successful and profitable ventures.

It supports them in business planning, mentoring, recruiting their top team, commercializing their technologies, developing their products, and getting early seed funding.

It helps in forging partnerships at the national and global level, advice on intellectual property, training and development and many other things.

IAN reputation for its vast network of successful entrepreneurs, domain experts, academicians and experienced professionals.

And also, Location: Delhi.

Founded In: N/A

Focus Area: IT/ITES, Telecom, Mobile VAS, Gaming and Animation, Internet/Web, Media and Entertainment,  Education technology,  Healthcare technology, Manufacturing Products, Alternative Energy, Clean Technology, Cloud computing, And also Retail technology

Funding: It provides support in getting seed-funding or securing loans from various sources such as Govt. grants, angel investors, seed & early-stage funds and other sources

Notable Start-ups:  IndiaCollegeSearch, Mukunda Foods, Skill Boost

And also, Reach Out: Padmaja Ruparel.

5. iCreate

Its an initiative of Gujarat Foundation of Entrepreneurial Excellence (GFEE) and a joint venture of Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (GMDC) and Gujarat Entrepreneurship and Venture Promotion Foundation (GEVPF).

It conducts various seminars, reach-out programs, networking events and more for both students and aspiring entrepreneurs. The grooming and incubation program conduct in a batch of 25 with a duration of 13 weeks

And also, Location: Ahmedabad.

Founded In: 2011

Focus Area: N/A

Funding: N/A

And also, Notable Start-ups: N/A.


When setting up a business,  incubators for start-ups help the idea carried out have a  greater chance of success. They provide what is known as know-how  ( know-how ).

The business insights they provide are invaluable to entrepreneurs who lose in this area. And also, they are a good idea to start building the foundation of something that aspires to be great.

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