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Web Application Write For Us, Contribute And Submit post

Web Application Write For Us

Web Application Write For Us

A web application is  software that runs on a web server, as opposed to computer programs that run locally on the operating system (OS) of the device. The user accesses the web applications through a web browser with an active network connection. These applications are programmed using a simulated client-server structure: services are provided to the user (“client”) through an external server hosted on a third-party server. Examples of usually used web applications are email, online retailing, online banking, and online auctions.

Differences between web application and website

What is a website? It is a document that contains static electronic information. It can contain text, images, sounds, videos, links, etc. They don’t have a lot of functionality as their primary function is to display the information they contain. However, you may come across calls to action such as forms or newsletter subscriptions.

A more technical definition of a web application would be that, in contrast to the description of a web page, it is a collection of dynamic pages whose content is determined after the user has interacted with them. The main drive of a web application is to enable a user to perform one or more tasks. They can be found in banks and government agencies and on social media, or in shopping carts.

When we go to the website and see the information, the most certain is that we are in front of the webpage as this is the same information presented to everyone, whether they have entered, a friend or a family member. Usually, these are photo galleries, blogs, or other sites that are used to exchange information.

If we can now enter the website and interact with it, create a profile, add products to the shopping cart, or bookmark things. It is a sign that we are in front of a web application.

Let’s take a sample of a web application: Instagram. When we log into our account, what we see depends on who we are following. Your photos will be displayed, and we can like, save or comment on them. Hence, my Instagram launch will be different from yours as the interaction with the app will be different.

Web application how they work

How does the web application work? Do you remember that they are user-centric and show them content to interact with? Web applications have a database responsible for processing whatever actions we take there to show us the content that interests us most.

But is that database on your phone? The answer is no. Apps are designed to store data in cloud storage outside of your device. This is not secondary data, as you need a device with tremendous storage capacity to keep all of the information from the web applications you interact with.

So when you request data from a web application, your computer or mobile phone connects to this cloud and is responsible for transmitting all the information you need. As you can see, this is a huge process that takes a few seconds. Therefore, you can only access web applications from an internet-connected device.

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Why Write For – Imtechies Web Application Write for Us

Why Write For – Imtechies Web Application Write for Us

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