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Rafi Law Group Analysis, Approach , Market Value And More
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Rafi Law Group Analysis, Approach , Market Value And More


The Rafi Law Group is a manager of the management office that visit victims of car accidents in the Phoenix area.The company has collected millions of dollars of remuneration and bonds for its customers.

It enables countless victims and families, with the relief that they deserve to remove from their accidents. The main attorney Brandon Rafi flows fluently English and Spanish and offers a comprehensive and comprehensive approach that puts the customer in the first place.

Still contact Rafi Law Group today to receive a free case assessment and follow the legal representation you need for your site today.

Rafii & Associates, PC, is a very experienced law firm that is devoted to the provision of exceptional service and advice for victims of accidents for personal injury.

A serious injury due to the negligence of the other hand can have consequences that change the lifespan, including economic loss and financial difficulties.

We are lawyers with experience and compassionate who can fight their name to receive the maximum possible compensation that requires their lives.

Net Worth of Rafi Law Group

Net Worth of Rafi Law Group

Brandon Rafi’s net assets are more than 25 million US dollars.

He is the founder, owner and operator of the RAFI Law Group, who, according to several reports, generated sales of $ 6.3 million in 2021.

Brandon Rafi Biography

Brandon Rafi is the founder, owner and operator of the RAFI Law Group, who deals with the greatest sympathy and care of automobile injuries and accidents. You can call your Phoenix lawyer for personal injury to obtain free advice.

He was taken to this world on the XX date in Phoenix, USA. It is not on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as in our research. You have a YouTube channel – Rafi Law Group.

The main courts of the Federal Government and Arizona have granted both lawyers permit Rafi to practice. So far it has managed to recover millions of dollars for our customers.

More about Rafi Law Group

More about Rafi Law Group

The main courts of the Federal Government and Arizona have granted both lawyers permit Rafi to practice. So far it has managed to recover millions of dollars for our customers.

He tries many efforts as a lawyer committed to Phoenix staff to meet RAFI Rechtsgruppe clients and advise them properly. It is of crucial importance to understand how you can defend itself, since this is different. It is important to have a company that can trust its side if it was violated due to the negligence or crime of another.

The lawyer Rafi was raised in Phoenix and is very proud of his hometown. This not only makes it a firm defender of the citizens of Phoenix and those of the neighborhood.

But also qualifies it to support local causes and organize celebrations such as the “Get-T-Done” second-hand festival. Even free services are offered on the site for people who need it thanks to this.

Outside the office, Rafi’s lawyer likes to read, walk and spend time with friends and family. He also works for customers.

Philosophy And Approach To The Right Representation

Philosophy And Approach To The Right Representation

In the Rafi Law Group, our legal team has more than 100 years of experience in the management of claims for personal injury and cases of labor law.

With a comprehensive experience in cases of violations of people in California, we helped our customers to restore settlements and compensation of more than 750 million US dollars.

We believe that the key to an effective representation of personal injury is to create a single case plan for each customer.

We maintain open communication lines with every customer and you can expect personal communication with your lawyer.

Rafii & Associates, P.C. To edit your claim to personal injury in California. Our team in Los Angeles County, California, also includes lawyers and trucks for employment lawyers.

The Rafii & Associates team, P.C. It mainly focuses on cases of personal and working injuries. Some of the cases we treat include unfair termination, misconduct in the workplace and the employee compensation.

Our lawyers for personal injury take care of claims that come from many situations, including car accidents, sliding and falling injuries, construction responsibility, deliberate complaint and other injuries that arise from negligence.

Determine The Value Of Your Claim To Injuries

Determine The Value Of Your Claim To Injuries

Trying to set your injuries and damage at an appropriate value can be difficult. It is pretty easy to add medical costs and repairs of property damage.

But how do you take things into account like emotional fear? Here the lawyer for personal injury in Arizona can help considerably. We can help you discover the two types of damage that insurance companies are looking for: special damage and general damage.

Special damage: These are measurable amounts of lost money as the direct result of your injuries. Medical invoices and an income potential due to a lack of lack of work due to their injuries are the most common.

General damage: Pain and emotional trauma fall into this category and can be much more difficult to put a monetary value.

Other factors to be taken into account are pain and symptoms, the inability to concentrate, ptbs, anxiety and/or depression as well as loss of sleep.

Arizona Comparing Negligence Rule

Can a compensation from another part demand, even if it admits that it is partially responsible for your accident and injuries?

Yes, in Arizona the comparative negligence rule of the state enables a claim against another party. Who is responsible for its damage, regardless of how responsible this part is.

Although it can be unusual and potentially unsuccessful, technically can sue another part. Eeven if it uses that 99% was responsible for her accident and was only negligent.

The only exception is that your claim can be concluding if it is determining that your accident and injuries are deliberately caused.

In the Rafi Law Group, our main balances have expressly devoted the practice to the person injuries and accident claims. We limit our number of cases to ensure that every customer receives the entire attention that he deserves. It often leads to higher settlements and better results.

Common questions about the Rafi Law Group

Where is the headquarters?

The Rafi Law Group headquarters is located in the 2235 North 35th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

What is the phone number?

The phone number is +1 623-388-4333

What is the official Rafi Law Group website?

The official website of this is

What is the company’s billing?

The billing is between 10 and 50 million US dollars

What is the NAICS group code?

The NAICS group code is 541110

How many employees do you work here?

Rafi has 19 employees

What is the Rafi Law Group industry?

Active in the legal service industry

Who is the case administrator?

The manager is Maritza Soriano

Review Rafi Law Group Analysis, Approach , Market Value And More.

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