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What are the Honor Phones? – History, Availability Information, and More
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What are the Honor Phones? – History, Availability Information, and More

What is Honor Phones?

Honor phones are most well known for their smartphones, but it also has laptops, earbuds, and a fantastic range of wearables under its umbrella of products. The company chiefly serves its home country of China. But we also see many of its product launch worldwide, albeit occasionally only in selected areas.

The business puts out affordable devices, with its smartphones portion the mid-range and budget markets. And its wearables contribution plenty of features at relatively low prices.

To assist you understand Honor, we’ve printed this guide on the company, so you can get a flavour of the brand’s story to date, as well as the types of products it launches to market.

A brief History of Honor Phones

honor phones

  • Huawei created Honor as a sub-brand in 2013 to focus on building low-cost products – and, in particular, targeted towards a young audience. The following year, the brand rolled out globally, setting up its online stores in Europe in 2015.
  • Honor started selling fitness trackers in 2016, laptops and smartwatches in 2018, and earbuds and TVs in 2019. Most of those products are available in most regions, although some, such as TVs, have limited availability.
  • Everything changed for the company in mid-2019, when the Huawei ban began. It effectively stopped Huawei phones and Honor ones, by extension, from carrying Google apps such as the Play Store, Maps, Gmail and Chrome.
  • These are important to running a smartphone, especially the former, which permits downloading new apps Strunk Honor and Huawei.
  • It’s challenging to come by exact sales figures to illustrate the extent to which Honor has been affected by the lack of Google apps. But we do know that the brand’s output has significantly decreased.
  • In the UK, for example, since the Huawei ban, Honor release only four smartphones affected by the changes. This doesn’t include the one handset launched immediately after the ban put in place, which remained unaffected.
  • For a year and a half after that, Honor continued to launch laptops, wearables and audio devices but slowed its global release of smartphones, only releasing its top models in China, where Google apps not use.
  • In late 2020, it announces that Huawei was to sell Honor to the Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co, which would likely save it from the Huawei ban’s effects.
  • We’re yet to see the fruits of this sale – the few products Honor has put out since then are remnants of its Huawei days – but it’s likely the company is on track for a second wind.

What Phones does Honor Make?

honor phones

  • Honor’s main smartphone series has a numerical indicator, with the Honor 20 phones launching in 2019 and the Honor 30 range in 2020. These sometimes join by Lite and Pro siblings too.
  • Honor’s second line of smartphones has different names, depending on where you are. It’s known as the V series in China, but worldwide, the phone launch with that V extend into View.
  • So while China saw the launch of the Honor V30, elsewhere it was the Honor View 30. This series typically use to test out features that eventually make their way to the flagship line.
  • Another critical series in Honor’s lineup of smartphones is the X series, a budget range offering generous screen sizes and long-lasting batteries. The last few generations of X phones have featured pop-up cameras and are sometimes available in Pro and Lite variants.
  • Those are Honor’s three critical lines of note, but the brand also has a fair few other models that often not release as widely and typically have affordable price tags.
  • The -S, -A, -I and -C lines identify by those letters coming after the generation number. Of those, only the -A-line has models currently for sale in the UK.

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Availability Information for Honor Phones

  • Honor smartphones are available in most countries worldwide, although some only launch in China or individual European countries. Not many Honor phones make their way to Australia; likewise, Honor used to sell smartphones in the US but does for several years now.
  • Honor’s V-series of smartphones will tend to launch in China at the end of a year, followed by a global launch at the beginning of the next year under the View name.
  • That’s followed up in the first few months of the year by the numerical equivalent, so the V20 launch as the Honor View 20 shortly after, then a few months after that, the Honor 20 series launched.
  • Most of Honor’s other series receive a new entry each year, with the Honor 9X line coming out in 2019 and the X10 devices in 2020. However, it’s harder to pinpoint an exact time in the year this happens since it varies.

Other Tech Honor Phones Sells

  • Honor may have slowed down its smartphone arm following the Huawei above ban. But the company has instead focused on other products, making great strides in certain areas.
  • The Honor MagicBook line of laptops, like the MacBook Pro. They are low-cost but relatively powerful devices that look good and come with some useful features.
  • Honor has two TVs, the Vision and Vision Pro from 2019, although they didn’t get a wide release. And we haven’t seen any newer versions of these models.
  • The company also puts out affordable earphones in its FlyPods series. It also called the Magic Earbuds in some regions) and home internet routers.
  • Perhaps the company’s most immense non-phone output is in wearables, however. The brand has brought a series of feature-packed affordable fitness trackers to the market. It called the Honor Band, and a line of fitness-orientated smartwatches too.
  • These wearables are available at low prices but include lots of useful features for fitness fans.
  • For example, the Honor Watch ES offers exercise modes that guide you through particular workout routines. And the Honor Watch GS Pro is a rugged smartwatch with tools that are useful for outdoors types.
  • Huawei to sell the Honor brand: here’s what that could mean for your next phone.

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Review What are the Honor Phones? – History, Availability Information, and More.

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